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Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn

Jupiter-Guru returns into Capricorn, its sign of debilitation, on Tuesday September 14th until November 20th 2021. Each planet has a sign of exaltation and fall – uccha and neecha - where it excels or struggles, and the planet of expansion and protection is on alien territory in Capricorn. Here, its nature becomes narrow and calculating rather than expansive and trusting, and it prepares for the worst rather than hopes for the best.

Jupiter spends slightly under a year in each sign, and this current two-month window is the last lap of a transit which began back in late March 2020. Hmm, what happened then? Jupiter then retrograded back into friendly Sagittarius for a time in the Summer of 2020 before re-entering its debilitated sign on November 21st 2020. This return brought the extended lockdown period across the world, notably in the UK, where Christmas was effectively cancelled, a matter of days after an assurance from Boris Johnson’s government that this would not happen. Jupiter entered Aquarius on April 5th 2021, since when increasing freedom and relative normality has returned.

So, from today until November 20th, the authoritarian and hierarchical Saturnian energy holds sway once again, which looking at the recent timeline, could be a signal for more lockdown measures and a return to a climate of fear. This is a short time-window, but coincides with Autumn-Winter, and the Flu season, with reduced natural Vitamin D. The astrological point is, Jupiter’s usual optimistic spirit in this sign is severely limited and will appear in distorted form as reckless irresponsibility, particularly from Government, a Capricorn entity. In a foreshadowing of the weeks to come, the UK government today announced that it is ignoring its own medical advice and recommending vaccination to 12 to 15 year olds.

We will also return to the era-defining triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-(Pluto) in Capricorn, which was last in effect in the time of Henry VIII’s split with Rome. Jupiter in Aquarius since April 2021 has lifted the tone slightly, albeit still in a Saturn-ruled sign, and the restrictions in the UK have ended over the non-flu Summer season. It’ll be touch-and-go whether the government holds its nerve and decides to leave the country open, or remains intent on transferring wealth from small-and-medium businesses as part of the World Economic Forum’s agenda. If you think this is one for conspiracy nuts, just look at some of the WEF’s recent promotional videos: they are not even bothering to hide it.

Better news is Jupiter’s debilitation is actually cancelled in this transit, owing to Saturn, its present sign ruler, also being at home in Capricorn. A high tide lifts all boats: a strong or exalted dispositor raises the condition of all planets its sign, and actually gives the debilitated planet power over and above its usual station. So Jupiter works in corporate and conventional setting, but has promise for practical and far-reaching structural change, grounded in the real world rather than being simply an abstract or academic dream.

The Covid pandemic itself was not so immediately foreseeable as world governments’ reaction to it, and some of the recent images from around the world are pretty horrific. We have gone from ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘protect the elderly and vulnerable’ to demanding to inject everyone with a pulse, at least twice, possibly three times or an ongoing program, while ostracizing all those who have the slightest qualm. Whether or not one supports the emergency measures, the following things have been made illegal in 2020/21: Singing, dancing, hugging, kissing, sex, working, going out, seeing family, sitting down. This is indeed a Saturn-influenced time.

Jupiter also returns into the second pada of Dhanishta through this period; in other words to this nakshatra's Capricorn portion. Dhanishta pada two relates to Virgo navamsha, which brings an underlying analytical and discriminating quality to your Capricorn savvy and inner executive. This Mercury-ruled segment is still not the most natural place for Jupiter, but it gives you an opportunity to fine-tune a study or media project, and apply an eye for detail to your everyday business. Dhanishta’s Shakti ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, gives promise to profit and succeed, despite Jupiter's relative alienation, and this asterism is also ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, the auspicious wealth-givers in Vedic mythology. Altogether, this is a time where you can do deals and make connections.

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