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Yoga & Meditation

Published August 23, 2023

Hand-in-hand with astrology goes my Yoga practice, with the Transcendental Meditation technique I first learned in 1985. I followed this up with the advanced TM-Sidhis  course two years later. Since then, I have accumulated many thousands of hours’ practise, which has undoubtedly informed my astrology and sharpened my intuition
















'Judgement must be regulated by thyself as well as by the signs', according to founding father of astrology Claudius Ptolemy, or in modern parlance: 'It's the astrologer, not the astrology'. Anyone can read a book and  understand the basic symbols, but astrology is more than an academic exercise.  
Vedic astrology has both an inner and outer dimension - it's both technique and intuition -  and most Jyotishis practice yoga of some sort. Between the two disciplines, one cultivates Jyotish Mati Pragya or all-knowing consciousness through astrology.


Vedic Yagyas are performed from the level of Yoga, the transcendent. 




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