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Jupiter in Sidereal Taurus

Green Lights & Green Fingers

Jupiter-Guru, planet of protection, travel, and philosophy, enters sidereal Taurus on May 1st 2024, where it stays up to May 14th 2025. Taurus is an enemy sign of Jupiter’s, bringing the Guru of the Gods (Devas) into a domain ruled by the Guru of the Demons (Asuras), and there’s a tension between the material and spiritual. Take care with excess and laziness, and results come when you make an extra effort. Jupiter in a Venus-ruled sign enjoys luxury, but isn’t always prepared to sweat for it. You have promise of creativity, security, and expansion in this transit, as long as the right things expand: you wish to avoid swelling and bloating (weeds, overdrafts, and beer-bellies also grow, especially in Taurus), as well as any compromise to your beliefs.

Guru’s 12-year cycle is one of healing, growth, and encouragement, which contrasts, for example, with Saturn’s harsh and ascetic transiting influence. This planet is a Benefic, which works in a sweet and supportive way, especially in the Fire and Water signs, but also gives unexpected blessings. Jupiter aspects its fellow Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, through this transit, and planets in those signs receive a wave of encouragement. Solutions and support appear when there were problems and frustration, and even if nothing outward happens during a Jupiter transit, you have a sense of ease and healing. Bad effects come when we are complacent or calculating, and seek to control every outcome. Best leave it to innocence and grace.

Jupiter races through the whole first half of Taurus by July 15th 2024, not to return, so any natal planet in this area gets only the briefest contact. A short transit may be all you need for new growth, but remember: there’s no second bite. The influence of cold, sober Saturn over the last twelve months is lifted however: Jupiter’s transit through Aries since April 2023 brought you confidence and a sense of adventure, but also came with some responsibility and compromise. Saturn’s limiting and disciplining gaze is removed now, and Jupiter in slow, steady Taurus offers reward without the karmic price tag.

Jupiter is in Krittika, up to June 13th, the nakshatra symbolized by a Flame or Razor, whose special power ‘To Burn’, keeps a certain fiery signature. Balance your earthy instinct to accumulate money and security against consuming waste and negativity, and a careful purge of your possessions should lighten your load. From May 29th to June 13th, Jupiter in Pisces navamsha gives you extra-strong faith and potential good fortune, especially in a close relationship. This is a romantic and creative phase, where belief in your partner has a profound and transforming effect. Jupiter often appears naïve from the outside, but childlike innocence also gives you a strange kind of protection.

Jupiter is in aesthetic, luxury-loving Rohini from June 13th until August 20th, the nakshatra whose Shakti or special power ‘To Grow’ motivates you to plant seeds and sees Jupiter at its expansive best. Act from the highest motives and focus on growing the positive and life-enhancing. Helping others is a way to help yourself, especially from July 30th to August 20th, which relates to Cancer navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and good karma. Jupiter also traditionally gives its strongest effects in the middle drekkana (ten degrees) of a sign, which coincides roughly with Rohini, and this period may be where random good fortune and influence come to find you. There’s a sense of healing and reconciliation, and a generous gesture or donation has a good effect. (Jupiter returns into Cancer navamsha, retrograde, from November 24th to December 25th, which promises a good holiday time for family and friends).

July 12th to August 26th brings Jupiter together with its planetary friend, Mars, planet of ation and competition. This is a period of adventure and impulsiveness, though Taurus’s style does not suit jumping the gun. You are easily frustrated with slow progress, even when this conjunction favours building solid foundations and being content with a gradual effect. August 10th to 20th is the most intense period, and should see you crusading for a cause and raising your energy and ambitions to a new level.

After moving through almost the whole of Taurus, Jupiter turns retrograde in Mrigashira on October 9th up to February 4th 2025. This five-month retrograde arc is your chance to reflect and take a second opportunity that appeared from May to September 2024. There’s a sense of consolidation and perhaps a reality-check after Jupiter’s initial rapid movement through the sign. You may see a tempting offer in a different light, or address matters of budget and sustainability, and decide where to invest your money and faith.

From November 6th to December 2nd, Jupiter’s sign-exchange (parivatana yoga) with Venus in Sagittarius, reduces the tension between the Deva and Asura sides of this transit. You can talk to a lover or friend on a more spiritual level, or find somebody who is interested in both sides of the picture. Channelling your energy into art and creativity at this point produces great work, and also puts meaning into your life. January 28th to May 14th 2025 has an even more spectacular sign-exchange, when Venus in exaltation in Pisces goes through its retrograde arc. Both these transits are outstanding for Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Moon/rising natives especially, but are also a general opportunity to be more adventurous and forgiving in love. There is real promise at this time, when the world may be needing all the peace and forgiveness it can find.

Based on your sidereal Rising or Moon sign:

Taurus Jupiter gives you a sense of wider possibilities, as you come out of a period of quietness and withdrawal. Your world expands, your horizons broaden, you meet new people and make new plans. Abundance for you is bound up with knowledge and wisdom, and you have plenty of both. Keep active, make sure to expand the right things, and don’t take promotion for granted.

Gemini This is a quiet period of Jupiter, but your inner life is healed and soothed and whatever spiritual path you follow gets a lift. It’s worth making an extra effort in meditation. Unconscious psychic baggage is lightened and dissolved, and you feel more calm and centred. Take a spiritual pilgrimage, or ease your passage to a faraway place, though be careful of excess spending.

Cancer Your social life is lively and a new introduction from within the group adds interest to your routine. People of like-mind gather round and a shared effort promises success. Contacts and political influence are valuable resources, and you get a feeling of security from your friends. There’s promise of an extra income stream and increasing your all-round gains.

Leo You step up as a mentor and influencer, and whatever subject you teach becomes lively in people's minds. Good fortune in your career may be subtle, but a lead well used now makes the difference for years to come. Think about stepping up into an independent professional role. You have good relations with co-workers and changing lanes in your career comes more smoothly.

Virgo You learn effortlessly and enjoy the whole academic experience. Good relations with your teacher gets you special consideration and you are well-placed to become a guru figure in your own right. The chance to travel is a positive adventure and you combine education with fun. Knowledge takes on a solid, secure quality, and getting new credentials gives you prospects for the future.

Libra You bring a bold and curious attitude into the area of mystery and hidden knowledge. Jupiter gives you good fortune, and your yoga and meditation practice may be rewarded with a rare experience. Get closer to somebody and break down the emotional walls that keep you apart. You clear through business and a long delayed bonus or legacy comes into view.

Scorpio You and your partner take it in turns to play guru for each other and shared knowledge is a joy. Somebody from a foreign or faraway place gives you the feeling of living in a wider world. You have your own philosophy of relationship, along the lines of giving somebody freedom and taking pleasure in the moment. Jupiter is good for healing past hurts and looking forward.

Sagittarius Your planetary ruler works in an understated way, but you can improve your lifestyle and job conditions. A temporary role may be all you need and Jupiter is a bridge to the next level. You have good chemistry with your colleagues and learn precious skills for your future career. Health is a big interest and you combine a rejuvenating program with an entertaining personal hobby.

Capricorn Jupiter puts the onus on creativity and also adds a spiritual dimension to your life. You find new inspiration for your art, come across as smart and lively-minded, and have intelligent ideas to share. This is a good time for all matters relating to children, either getting on well with younger people or starting a family of your own.

Aquarius This is a great time to withdraw into study and reflection, and perhaps find academic honours. Home expansion plans come to life and you can make your vision a reality. Either moving or improving, if you are looking for more space, Jupiter gives you the opportunity to trade up. Family matters go well and bonding with your relatives gives you solid roots to work from.

Pisces Jupiter is not most at home in this area of your chart, but gives you communication skills and the desire to broaden your scope. Writing, teaching, and all forms of media are starring in your life, and sharing your knowledge generously makes sure there is always more luck. A sibling may be of help and this is a great time to start a new business venture.

Aries Good fortune of the last twelve months starts to turn into actual material reward. You address the roots of your financial operation and decide what you truly value. While your job and routine may be the same as ever, more money starts to flow in - enjoy deciding what to do with it. Donating to a good cause removes obstacles from your path and everybody benefits.

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