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Pandit Lakshmi Shankar Shukla


Astrologer Pandit Lakshmi Shankar Shukla was born in Varanasi, the holiest place in the world. By virtue of birth in the city, one lives astrological principals as part of daily customs and rituals, and education in astrology is as much a way of life as a focus of study. 

Pandit Shukla comes from a traditional Hindu Brahmin family of astrologers in Varanasi, where the practice of astrology has been passed from generation to generation, and he was taught astrology in childhood by his grandfather, also a renowned astrologer. Pt. Shukla also holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Astrology (Jyotish) from the famed and prestigious Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi.

Thus, Pt. Shukla comes from a tradition that understands astrology as both a mathematical science and one which applies numerous laws and principles of life. Astrology is also a style of thinking which holds paramount the premise that all life is sacred and connected to an organic whole. 


Pt. Shukla was associated with Maharishi Vedic University (Vlodrop), Holland as Senior Lecturer in Astrology, and has visited many countries: Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Thailand, Nepal and Japan. By the blessings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he has received many opportunities to study how astrological principles are expressed differently in different countries. Pt. Shukla is an expert in integrating the astrological principles of Vedic astrology into different cultures. 

Considered a teacher of teachers, Pt. Shukla is credited for training countless astrologers in advanced methods of delineation. He has been the Keynote Speaker in many symposiums, and continues to be sought after for lectures and teaching engagements, wherever individuals wish to learn Vedic astrology. He now resides in the holy city of Varanasi, and travels extensively throughout India and abroad, teaching astrology and giving astrological consultations. He is available for consultations around the clock.



















The ancient science of Maharishi Astrology is a universal and timeless and mirror of life. Maharshi Astrology encompasses all the multiplicity of earthly phenomena, past present and future, and it exists to prevent problems and suffering. Maharshi Astrology is supreme knowledge that locates the whole panorama of life through one single point of a wide-angle lens. The time and place of birth of the individual is sufficient for a detailed calculation of the spread of the events of a whole life. Whenever harmful influences are observed in a horoscope, calculations are made to prescribe yagyas that generate positivity and counterbalance the negative effects of the past.

Maharshi Astrology fathoms the essential mandates of nature and seeks to impart to Mankind a tool with which to live in greater harmony with nature. This maximizes the opportunity for growth and minimizes suffering.


Yagya programs express with great precision the unity within the diversity of life and the underlying governing intelligence. They operate with reference to natural law. Understanding the will of God and aligning life to the rules of the purity of life as one understands it, is very necessary for anyone who wishes to entertain the yagya programs. Every human being is driven by planetary influence. We get success only when the planets allow it. Thus, all types of problems and negative influence can be prevented and cured by the performance of yagyas.





A natal reading gives a full view of the individual's life past, present andfuture, and reveals karmic tendencies. It gives insight into the influences which shape every area of life. With greater understanding, the individual hopes to achieve the necessary wisdom to maximize opportunities for growth and minimize suffering. 




In this natal reading we analyze individual's life past, present and future for between 5 to 20 years, or a prediction of all areas of life with 1 year future forecast.


We analyze 1 year/6 months future prediction or 5 questions only.


COMPATIBILITy: 30 Minutes : £100 / 15 minutes : £ 50 
In this reading, Pt. Shukla analyzes the compatibility between two people. A compatibility reading is used to enhance one's awareness of underlying potential, conflicts or power struggles. It also reveals areas of harmony, mutual agreement and complementary interest. The reading evaluates romantic relationship, relations in the workplace (employees', co-workers, supervisors, etc.), as well as family members (spouse, children, siblings, extended family) and different kinds of friendship.

If you have not got an accurate time of birth, this can be rectified by us and your correct prediction can be done by our rectified time. The details are given below:
Plus/minus 15 minutes £ 50 
Plus/minus 30 minutes £ 100 
Plus/minus 2 hours £ 150

Selecting an auspicious date for the best time to begin a new project: investment venture, celebration, new business, undertaking construction, surgery, health, treatments and travels, etc. 
Pt. Shukla may give a date or several dates for a new undertaking or important event. This can make a tremendous difference on the outcome of a venture.


By this process you can use astrology to find a good name which will promote you in every field of life. This will enable you to attract real benefits through the effects of planets and nature.

Pt. Shukla will evaluate the horoscope to determine the most auspicious or favourable dates for getting married.

Every human being is driven by planetary influence. We get success only when the planets allow. In most cases, problems can be prevented and cured. Perform Yagya to prevent or cure these problems and you will live your life happily. This process is very useful. It is advised in two situations: firstly, to neutralize the malefic affects of grahas (planets), secondly, to mobilize the good effects of benefic grahas. In this way, the individual gets relief from future undesirable conditions. The special Yagyas are recommended to derive more benefits from the areas for which the Yagya is being performed.


This is called gem therapy where special gemstones are recommended in special cases to get maximum benefits of the gem. Gems are recommended to neutralize effects of malefic planets and to increase the good effects of benefic planets.


This refers to Vedic rituals which are performed for a specific purpose, involving chants and fire sacrifice using Vedic mantras. We add more rituals, prayers, donations, pundits' special diet, cows and other activities to ensure the desired outcome. Yagyas are performed to achieve the divine power of completion to a particular work. The process involves strengthening the bond between human beings and the super power of the divine. The Yagya is a process to achieve a desired goal by pleasing the divine spiritual power in favour of person for which the Yagya is performed.


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