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Dr John Hagelin explains the scientific basis of Yagya.

"Yagya is regarded as the means to that complete success in life which consists of all possible achievements in the world together with freedom from bondage. Yagya, in fact, is a means to accomplish perfection in life. Yagya is a process of bringing the individual into harmony with the stream of evolution, which enjoys the favour of all the forces of nature engaged in the advancement of life, individual and cosmic."
- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi On the Bhagavad Gita, 1967 Chapter 3, Verse 11

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This refers to Vedic rituals which are performed for a specific purpose, involving chants and fire sacrifice using Vedic mantras. We add more rituals, prayers, donations, pundits' special diet, cows and other activities to ensure the desired outcome. Yagyas are performed to achieve the divine power of completion to a particular work. The process involves strengthening the bond between human beings and the super power of the divine. The Yagya is a process to achieve a desired goal by pleasing the divine spiritual power in favour of person for which the Yagya is performed.


The Vedic routine of life is pure, refined, and free from malicious things—Satoguna. The Vedic Pandit performing a Yagya in that balanced state easily realizes the resolution that he makes in the beginning of the Yagya.


“The Pandit makes a resolution (Sankalpa), and then does what is prescribed to create that quality of intelligence in his own consciousness from the level of Omnipresent Transcendental Consciousness. From there, he produces the desired effect in space and time.


“Larger groups of Vedic Pandits performing Yagyas will take care of all kinds of negative trends in society.

“Every government has to be doing Yagyas. Yagya is not a known word in our civilization, and that is why peace and happiness are not known realities in this civilization. They do not know where the seat of all harmony, all peace, all prosperity, all fullness, and eternity is.”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Available yagyas: We require 5-7 days to arrange your yagya performance.
Yagyas for specific purposes are based on your birth chart.



Perfection of Life - (Rudrabhishek)
Overall Progress - (Maha Rudrabhishek)
Internal and External development 
Fulfilment of Desires 
Obstruction of diseases and early discharge of disease 
Opulence and development 
Development in life 
Development in life and Self welfare 
Changes in appearance and removal from skin diseases 
For Wealth 
Full health recovery and removal of diseases 
To end conflict 
Removal of obstacles 
Freedom from excessive difficulties 
Temporal and Spiritual Development 
Availability of pleasures in life 
Spiritual Development and gain element knowledge 
Removal of Obstacles in New Project 

Successful travel and return 
Victory in Court
For Mental Peace 
For Memory Development
For Getting Good Job 
Wisdom Development 
Removal from Fears 
For Gaining Knowledge 
For Peaceful Sleep (Insomnia Prevention) 
Gaining physical and mental power 
Removal of poverty 
To achieve high academic and social honour 
Stability and adjustment in marriage life 
Removal of Fears 
For luck and happiness 

Effects of planets to remove future obstacles:
Sun/ Moon/ Mercury/ Venus/ Jupiter/ Saturn/ Rahu/ Ketu

Gandant Moola Shanti 
Nakshtra Shanti(Ashwini to Rewati)

Removal of obstacles in new objectives
For having children
To achieve the desired wife 
To achieve the desired husband 

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