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Full Natal Chart Reading. (75 minutes) £101 GBP 
A chart based on an accurate birthtime is an indespensible guide to your past, present and future, revealing your talents, challenges, desires, and life path. This reading looks five years into the future.


Many people report the positive, healing effect of an astrology reading, which gives a complete overview of your life. A one-hour consultation - via Skype and fully recorded-  looks at love, money, work, relationships, life direction, karmic connections, everything. People often wish to come back for further updates and clarification.I encourage people to email me afterwards with any questions or clarification they may want. 









Concise reading (30 minutes) £61 GBP 

A shorter natal chart reading, focusing on one year ahead. You may have had a recent session and would like an update or a quick 'status report' on your current stellar trends. Email follow-up also offered.



Horary/Consultation chart - (10-15 minutes). £31 GBP
Horary Astrology is astro-divination answering of specific questions, rather like runes or Tarot. A chart is cast for the moment the astrologer becomes aware of the question. This method works independently of the natal chart and gets quickly to the heart of the matter.


Synastry/ Relationship reading (60 minutes) - £81 GBP.
Your chart reveals with great precision your view of your parter, your specific relationship needs and prospects for love and compatibility. This is one area where astrology truly comes into its own. It involves analysis of two (accurately timed) charts, though the individual's horoscope in itself is extremely revealing. Whether you are with a new partner, or have been with someone for years, the study of astro-compatitibility will shed new light on your relationship.

Written report - £151 GBP 
A Personally-written 1500 word email reading, in PDF format, based on questions from you. This is quite different from a generic computer-generated report, and includes full details of your chart along with colour graphics. I also encourage follow-up questions on your document via email, so the process becomes more personalized.


I am also available for  astrology tuition in person or via Skype. Please contact me for details. Readings are payable by cash, cheque, PayPal (preferred) or bank transfer.
















"A million blessings, thanks - you were 100%"
 ~ Sonija, Melbourne

" Enormous thanks go to Adam Smith for his uncannily accurate astrological workings. Way back in May, Adam remarked that I could expect an upturn in my finances in August. Oh boy was he right! Adam's prediction helped to keep me positive through a couple of really tough months, and that positivity I feel also helped secure this month's drastic economic improvement. Cheers Adam! "                                                                                JD, Winchester, UK

"A big thank you Adam for a really helpful and insightful reading. I was really impressed with the way you used many different methods to read my chart in order to giveme as a well-rounded and all-encompassing reading as possible. And it worked - I left the session with greater clarity about the challenges facing me in my life. "                                                                                               Maya, London


“I really loved your delivery and the way you patiently and with such care took me through my chart and any bits I did not understand. Now I know where I am, and the energies for auspicious future steps, in this time of transformation and change.” - Niki, UK.


"Adam, your work amazes me. Each and every word you said is accurate, yet you are such an unpretentious professional."  -  MP, Brazil. 

"I have spoken to best clairvoyants in this country and not one of them came close to your reading". Mark, London

"The best reading I've had". DC, N.Carolina, USA.



"One of the greatest gifts I've ever had in my life was your guidance Adam. 18 months ago you gave me a mini Astro chart reading... everything you told me was 100%.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you so very much. "

Vanessa, Sydney, Australia

I have had a lifelong fascination with astrology, which I began  studying in 1990. I learned the basics of interpretation and chart calculation (analog in those days) at a local class, and became a regular at the wide variety of schools that make London an astrological hub. I also covered astrology as part of my Comparative Religions degree. 


















I have edited all UK astrological magazines, the Astrological Association's newsletter Transit, the main AA Journal, and also the Astrological Lodge's Quarterly .


As a working astrologer I also served a lengthy stint writing Sun-sign columns, starting with the BBC's Star magazine in 2000. I have since written for the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Times Ed Supp., Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Emirates Woman and Chat. I wrote a regular astrology column in The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Telegraph in Australia for seven years, with a combined weekly audience of over one million.


My first book Saturn, Fatal Attraction was published in 2007. 


I am based in north London and available for readings privately and public speaking and teaching. One-to-one sessions are always very rewarding, especially when people say the astrology has really helped. 

My Yoga practice predates my involvement with any form of astrology, and I have been meditating regularly since 1985. This includes the advanced TM-Sidhis program, which is a valuable tool for developing self-awareness and intuition. Jyotish is intimately bound up with a  Yogic lifestyle, and there is a virtual 50-50 split between technique and consciousness. 


I am working directly with Pandit Lakshmi Shankar Shukla to offer authentic Vedic Astrology consultations and services. You can view and participate in ritual yagya performances, brought to you from Varanasi, India, the fountainhead of the Vedic tradition.


Still, I have not completely abandoned the Round Art. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto punch their weight symbolically, and Western transits and progressions predict the future with precision. I also swear by modern techniques such as composite charts for synastry. 


Please send your time, date and place of birth with reading request

Adam Smith 
As seen in


Adam & Pt. Shukla in Varanasi

"Adam - You were right about me being in a lucky period. I have a new job and it's one I really wanted". MB - London

With Pt. Shukla in Varanasi

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Adam radio interview, 7/10/2015. (Session was at 2am UK time...zzz)

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