New Decade: 2020

Happy New Year! The midnight chart for 2020 has Mercury, the lord of the year, with five planets (six including Pluto-Yama) in Sagittarius in the fourth house. This Jupiterian flavour is a contrast to the Saturn energy of later in the year - the Grand Conjunction comes in Capricorn in December - which all points to a time of extremes. There's even a mixed-katari yoga with powerful Mars and Venus surrounding the Sagittarius stellium. Neo-Vedic astrologers also note the Moon's partile (exact) conjunction with Neptune-Varuna in the sixth, showing the usual New Year's revelry, but also look into topping up your flu jab in 2020.

The first lunar eclipse of the year lands on January 10th, 19:02 hrs at 25° Gemini/ Punarvasu. It's only an appulse, where the Moon enters the fringe of the Earth's shadow, and really the most partial of obscurations. Still this time of year is for resolutions and this moment draws a line under the past and starts your 2020 program

Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde three times in 2020: Feb 17th to March 10th, June 18th to July 12th, and October 14th to November 3rd. These times bring second opportunities and may see an old face coming back into your life. Still, it’s best to defer major decisions, especially around signing a deal or making a major purchase – if possible wait until these windows are over before committing.

Venus, planet of love and art, has an extra long stay in its home sign of Taurus in 2020, from March 28th – August 1st. This time also includes a six-week retrograde period from May 13th – June 25th. Venus spends less time retrograde than any other planet, so this is a good opportunity to see a different side of your partner or anybody else you thought held no surprises for you. You have to work harder at your relationships at this point and Venu