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Great American Eclipse #2

Civil War is a new Hollywood movie starring Kirsten Dunst, coming out on April 12th 2024, the anniversary of the actual American Civil War’s outbreak, April 12th 1861. Set in ‘the near future’, the film follows a team of journalists chasing across America as the country descends into dystopian dictatorship, after California and Texas secede from the Union. Prescient. I don’t know how far in advance such projects are green-lit, but for the conspiratorially minded, the timing of its release smacks of predictive programming: using media to soften the public up for coming real-world events.

As well as channelling the first US Civil War’s date, the film’s release comes days after the second Great American Eclipse crosses the country on April 8th 2024. The first Great American Eclipse – an Annular or ‘Ring of Fire’ event – of October 14th 2023, went from Oregon down to the Gulf of Mexico, and April 8th’s path of totality goes in the opposite direction, from Texas up through the Midwest and into eastern Canada. Their paths intersect like crossed sabres somewhere around San Antonio, Texas, as the US’s border situation reaches crisis point.

The original US Civil War is timed from the first shots at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, being fired ‘just before dawn’. This gives a triple sidereal Aries signature, with Sun, Moon and Ascendant all in the sign of war, not to mention Pluto. Uranus-Mars in Taurus shows a mixture of ferocity and stubbornness, plus the conflict was a technological precursor to 20th century trench warfare. April 8th’s eclipse Mercury is on the Civil War’s Sun at 0° Aries, and transiting Neptune at 3° Pisces is on the Civil War’s Mercury. A double-whammy of sorts, bringing lies, deception and short tempers all round. The Eclipse’s Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is also in a wide T-Square with the Civil War Mars-Uranus in Taurus and its Saturn in Leo.

The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Aries, April 2024, is another volatile combination in its own right, which happens to fall on the degree of the US Civil War’s Moon at 24° Aries. Arising every approximately 13 years, Jupiter-Uranus is not a rare synod exactly, but one with an obvious revolutionary flavour, which for one, arose in Cancer in July of 1789 as France’s Reign of Terror got underway.

Jupiter enters sidereal Taurus on May 1st 2024 and Uranus follows on June 1st: the two don’t get to an exact conjunction in this sign, but Uranus in Taurus itself will reach the Civil War’s Uranus in 2027. Incidentally, Uranus’s previous transit of Taurus was in 1941, as the Soviet Union encircled the Germany Sixth Army at Stalingrad. The codename of this offensive: Operation Uranus. Nothing as cataclysmic need happen this year, but the conjunction in Taurus is sure to escalate the Farmers’ protests erupting around Europe, count on it.

In my report on Neptune entering Pisces, in March 2022, I mentioned this planet’s previous sidereal transit of Pisces, 1857-72, which of course included the US Civil War as a whole, 1861-65. An obvious event to highlight, though rather tenuous in relation to the present day, especially at the time of writing. America was polarized two years ago, no question, but events have moved on in this election year. Neptune is not a warlike planet, especially placed in Pisces, but it blurs boundaries, or more specifically borders, which is the pivotal point. The US divide grows more heated by the moment, which is the scenario highlighted in the new Hollywood movie.

The total Solar Eclipse in Pisces itself arrives on April 8th 2024 at 18:20pm GMT, the second in a pair of eclipses after March 25th’s Lunar event. The Sun and Moon coming together in Revati with smoky Rahu begins a new round of activity and ambition, and a decision comes to a climax, either through a deliberate choice or a stroke of fate. Sudden change can be stressful, and a Solar Eclipse especially creates an intense atmosphere, so take a deep breath and stay vigilant for up to 48 hours after the event. You may be overwhelmed by an emotional or imaginary concern on the day, out of all proportion to its reality, and also feel tired and restless.

Abrupt events at eclipse time have an impact for months or even years into the future, so move carefully, especially if you are coming from an anxious place. It can be hard to keep a detached view, as the atmosphere runs deep, and the moment may motivate you to address a concerning issue. This eclipse also brings twin malefics and planetary enemies, Mars and Saturn, closely together in Aquarius, and their uncompromising quality sees strong, incompatible interests fighting to occupy the same space. Resit the impulse for a quick strike, and appreciate there are consequences to all your actions. Venus at its highest strength in Pisces on the day, also allows you to be a balancing and peacekeeping force, at a time of sharp contrasts.

If you are under the eclipse's path of visibility, it’s better to remain quietly indoors and project your intent from a powerful inner level. Spiritual work, meditation and inner clearing have a supercharged and transforming effect.

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