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Book a personal astrology consultation, in person, by phone or online conference


Adam Smith has studied astrology for thirty years, and practices both Western and Vedic-Jyotish. He is available for personal readings, talks and tuition.


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Book a Reading

Astrology is an essential guide to your past, present and future. Your natal chart shows your talents, challenges, relationships and life direction.

Pt Shukla

Pandit Lakshmi Shankar Shukla is based in the holy city of Varanasi, India. He is available for consultations, classes and yagya and puja performances.

Vedic Remedies

Yagyas are remote healing ceremonies performed to remove obstacles in life and promote good fortune. An integral part of Indian astrology and culture, a full range of yagyas is available here.

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Vedic & Western Astrology



Sidereal Astrology is a Western
as well as a Vedic tradition, 
and is also growing in popularity. But what actually is it? 

Above the Clouds


Reflections on the Great Conjunction
and the year the
world changed


Saturn is the planet
of Karma & Success.
Its transits show
rites of passage
and times of change

Yoga at Home


The Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas show power placements in a natal chart 

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