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Uranus in Taurus

Uranus entered Taurus on June 1st, initially until December 14th 2024, then returns again from March 19th 2025 until July 2031. For those immersed in Jyotish, Uranus, at best, is an influence that is easy to overlook, if not an irrelevant factor completely outside the planetary schema and human experience. Even omnivorous East-West astrologers can get easily used to a planet being in the same sign over seven years and don’t always connect it to life and world events as they unfold. Uranus in Taurus ends the tumultuous Aries period of political populism which began in 2016 with Brexit and Trump, the Covid-19 debacle, Trans activism, and the Woke movement. In Taurus, the cost of living, political fines, agriculture, food, and natural resources, will take over as the revolutionary battleground up to 2031.

Uranus probably most resembles the Vedic Rahu, for a shocking, maverick, innovative, and counterintuitive approach, and the potential for creative disruption. It is probably best classified as a malefic, that is a harsh, influence which brings restlessness, change and freedom, in an abrupt, tough-love way. You balance harmony, compromise, and co-dependency, with living your true self, and Uranus will bring you down on the side of modernity and independence, in the form of a wakeup call - cord cut.

Uranus shows independence and individuality, but the volcano erupting, or Tower Struck by Lightning, is only the outward show of a tense or frustrated situation which can’t exist with playing Mr/Mrs Normal. A critical moment is radical and shocking, but the potential has surely bubbled under the surface unseen for years, and comes out to the extent Uranus’s impulses are integrated into a life. Por ejemplo, Uranus by transit opposing itself at aged 42 creates the classic midlife crisis, but not everyone buys a Harley and runs off with a stripper. Having an outlet for independence, rebellion, and modernity means the reaction doesn’t have to be so overpowering.

Uranus tends to the political Right, but recent politics has seen an inversion of the traditional polarity (very Uranian!), where the Left is now associated with Big Brother, the Deep State, and Perpetual War, while the Right is for the workers/’deplorables’, free speech, bodily autonomy, and old-fashioned capitalism, as opposed to Global Oligarchy. I’ve already looked at this transit’s historic precedent and its role in past UK and US revolutions going back over 500 years, but looking ahead, what can we expect over the next seven years?

This is an outline for each sidereal ascendant/Moon sign

Taurus You feel personally restless and need to break out of familiar ways of doing things and how you put yourself across. Uranus focuses on you, your personality, style and appearance, and a radical change of look – haircut, clothes, features including surgical alteration – reflects your new opinions and outlook. This is an outstanding time to target for weight-loss or a health kick, probably of a modern or unusual kind. You will probably break away from a group or organization which you find limiting, and go out independently with your own offering. It’s easy to fight or fall out with people, though what seems like a sudden breakaway has actually been brewing for a long time.

Gemini Uranus works on your inner life, and you find innovative and eccentric ways to develop yourself: this is probably not so much about regular counselling as a colourful Shamanic practice. You remove obstacles on the inner level and though the process is radical and emotional, and the benefits leave you feeling freer. A psychic clear-out begins with meditation and takes you all the way to an inner realization. Positive solitude helps, or at least being with someone who knows you well. You might also travel somewhere off-the-beaten track and spend time on a retreat or pilgrimage. Twelfth-house transits don’t appear spectacular from the outside, but change your whole outlook and prepare the ground for a new zodiacal round.

Cancer Your friendships go through a clearing-out process, which stems from a difference of opinion or political outlook. An abrupt argument may be the trigger for a lengthy parting of the ways, but as usual with Uranus, a change had probably been coming. Events are reflected in your whole range of opinion and social life, and you mix with fringe or rebellious characters who represent a whole movement. You like eccentrics and colourful maverick groups. There’s also a political element as you decide where you stand with accepted norms, and you may define yourself in opposition to these standards. This is a good time to develop an extra income stream or bit of business, perhaps in tech or other modern space.

Leo A revolution in your career or working world comes from inner restlessness and curiosity. Uranus breaks up old, accepted ways of doing business, and initially you may shock others with your new chosen path. You either change jobs entirely, or adopt a completely different model within your existing field, and there is major, possibly highly public, disruption. Uranus also adds freshness and innovation into your work, and rescues you from a jaded routine. An initial setback clears your path for a better career plan to take its place, and you end up glad the detour happened. Venture into left-field and get your ambitions clear after a spell of confusion. Uranus inclines you towards technology, science, astrology, politics, and anything ahead of its time.

Virgo You are drawn to a different subject of study and rebel against traditional ways of thinking. A sudden revelation broadens your mental horizons and you change lanes in your education and pick up a new direction that inspires your passion. Uranus interests you in science and innovation, and you may study the underlying theory and mechanics of a futuristic subject in an abstract way. Travel to a faraway place comes unexpectedly, and you are drawn to a remote and unusual place outside the usual resort locations. There may be complication around international travel, and also a disruptive quality in being continually on the move, but your eyes are opened.

Libra Uranus draws you into deeper psychic territory and you give birth to insights that escape you at other times. You are fascinated by the taboo and forbidden, and explore areas of the occult or paranormal - raised kundalini, magic, and transformation - that are outside your background or tradition. Part of you brings a detached quality to a close, emotional situation, but the opposite pole of feeling lies underneath, and you should respect yours and others’ boundaries. Difficulties can arise in an intimate relationship, where you want closeness but also independence, and go through deep experience to decide where you stand.

Scorpio Uranus breaks up the familiar and comfortable, to the extent that it restricts or limits your true self. You bring a new sense of purpose and ambition to a relationship and are attracted to a foreign, exotic or freedom-loving partner. A maverick or rebellious character comes into your life, and you reassess what you want from being with someone. If your relationship has become routine or boring, you are tempted to break out and find new excitement. Ideas of romantic freedom are enticing, but you need to integrate them into the real world, and may gravitate back towards somebody more stable.

Sagittarius Work and routine brings you progress, and you inject a mundane job with an enterprising and innovative touch. You explore modern or unusual healing and lifestyle approaches, mind-body or holistic therapy, and may break away from your old, conventional understanding. Uranus ramps up parts of your working world that you usually ignore or don't value, or you take up different hours or employment structure. You may have an idea for a business or to work for yourself, but make sure it is viable before making a too-sudden break with the past.

Capricorn Creative work flows naturally and you take inspiration from an offbeat or eccentric source. A modern, unorthodox quality to your art puts new meaning into your life and you welcome the chance to rebel. Artistic collaboration may be difficult, however, and you may prefer taking individual credit versus teaming up. Your understanding of politics and power puts you in line for a top position. Uranus also affects your attitude to children, where you have to balance a parental role against remaining free. You may try modern or unusual parenting, or your relationship with a rebellious child changes abruptly. 

Aquarius A sudden restless urge takes you away from your home, or you want a change from the restrictions of keeping up security. Change may come from the outside, unexpectedly, but look into your heart and you appreciate it has been coming. You seek a sense of grounding wherever you happen to be, and remote working and technology help you to achieve this. Certain ties remain, however, and you also want a bridge between freedom and a regular domestic life. There may be something eccentric or different about where you are living, or there’s a disruption in your family that makes it hard to settle down. Your relationship with your mother especially is probably unconventional.

Pisces You are up to the minute with modern technology and get your message across in a bold and positive way. You use media creatively to push your own agenda and may be involved in teaching and communication. Your thoughts and ideas themselves are progressive and may go against the grain. Uranus allows you working freedom and aspiring to having your own business is an obvious goal. Your relationship with a brother or sister is unusual, and you may also have some colourful or eccentric neighbours.

Aries Your finances go up and down, either from your spending habits or being in an unusual or unstable line of work. A sudden windfall may come, or expense arise, but Uranus refuses to live with restrictions a secure, salaried position generally demands. You accept living with uncertainty as a trade-off for the freedom your lifestyle gives you, but make sure your overall plans are sustainable. Money may come from technology, innovation, or a stroke of real genius, and in Taurus especially, the bottom line is a big concerned in any business you are involved in.

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