Pluto in Capricorn: Deep State

On New Year's Eve 2020, Pluto, Planet of the Underworld, entered sidereal Capricorn, the sign of administration, where it stays altogether until January 2040. A long time. This trans-Saturnian planet isn’t used in traditional Jyotish, but comes into its own in the sidereal zodiac where its 240-year orbit arrives later than its more familiar Tropical Zodiac setting (Pluto has been in TZ Capricorn since 2008). Pluto tears down the old and brings it back to life transformed with no room for sentiment or inefficiency. It rules near-the-knuckle stuff: obsession, secrecy and ruthlessness, and in Capricorn the focus now is on power, hierarchy, tradition and mineral wealth. In its very short stay so far, Pluto has already created a near-revolution and this planet-sign combination makes like a definition of Underground politics and the Deep State.

Pluto dipped into Capricorn back in February 25th until June 30th 2020, coinciding with the first UK Covid lockdown. It then returned into Sagittarius over the summer of 2020, a spell when most European countries were back to relative normality, though with the expectation the virus would return in Winter Flu Season. Sure enough now as Pluto re-joins Capricorn we are in another authoritarian squeeze. The UK spent Christmas under tight restrictions which progressed to full-fat lockdown, with schools closed and police arresting people for walking and sitting on park benches together. The Covid virus is the justification for all this, lying below the surface and invisible, where it can be whatever anyone wants it to be.

The eye of storm is not the place to evaluate the whole transit. Pluto ingresses are usually dramatic, not to say scary - there was a similar frisson of fear in the early 1990s with the HIV-AIDS epidemic, infinitely deadlier than Covid, where for a while everyone expected to know somebody who had the disease. Then in Sagittarius from 2006, Pluto saw rampant casino capitalism and the sub