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Romantic Competition: The Pitts

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new film ByThe Sea is out in November, a romantic drama directed by Angelina herself. Set in France in the 1970s, it evokes classic moody French films of the period, featuring if not a love triangle, then feisty, violently passionate scenes of a couple giving it one last try. Pretentious? Possibly, but fascinating in view of the stars’ chart signatures.

Both Brad and Angelina have Chandra-Mangal Yoga - a Moon-Mars conjunction or opposition. This combination is said to give business and money-making skills, a highly competitive nature, yet someone who is a manipulative, eminence–grise type. with a powerful or overbearing mother. All of this can be read from the combined qualities of Mars and the Moon. Moon-Mars exchanging signs – Parivatana Yoga – may also qualify, though this necessarily makes Mars debilitated in Cancer, and at least some of the time also Moon fallen in Scorpio.

Brad Pitt: 18/12/1963, 06:31, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Watery ascendants get the best of Chandra-Mangala Yoga. Brad has Scorpio rising, with Moon –Mars making Raja/ Lakshmi yoga with the 1st and 9th lords in the second. His Moon is out on a limb at 29° Sagittarius, and Mars is also with Ketu, so this is not the best example, even if it has clearly worked for him financially. A strong second house lord aspecting the ascendant shows his glamorous looks, even if this distracts attention from his acting ability. He met Angelina Jolie shortly after entering Jupiter mahadasha in 2004 while they were filming Mr & Mrs Smith - film too with a Moon-Mars flavour, featuring a married couple of secret assassins.

Angelina Jolie 4/5/1975, 09:09am, Los Angeles, California

Angelina’s Moon-Mars in Pisces/Revati in the 9th with Jupiter at face value is as stellar an example as one could find, not surprisingly for Hollywood’s highest paid actress. Yet her chart shows how astrology can be read in different ways. She has everything materially anyone could want, though her teenage years were a nightmare of drugs, depression, eating disorders and self-harming (Ketu Mahadasha aged 13-20). Jupiter, lord of the Sixth house of illness and addiction, and also the Moon, karaka of the mind is hit by Saturn, Rahu and Mars (and Pluto for good measure). She would always be a restless, if not a tortured soul.

She caught the headlines in 2013 (Venus-Ketu period) with her pre-emptive mastectomy, after doctors’ advice that she had a high likelihood of developing breast cancer. This was a radical and agonizing choice for anyone, never mind an idealized beauty with Venus rising in Cancer, though her chart reveals an innate anxiety about health. Her Moon-Mars associates closely with Brad Pitt’s Jupiter – he is 12 years her senior - and he was entirely supportive of her decision.

Jupiter here also gives an influential father figure, yet the same malefic aspects sees Angelina conspicuously choosing her mother’s name and semi-estranged from Jon Voight, seemingly embarrassed by him – or competitive. Jupiter likewise gives mixed results for a husband - she finds strong character who love her, but of whom she quickly tires. She first wed in 1996 in Venus-Venus period, a marriage that lasted one year. Her quirkiness came to world attention during her second marriage, to Billy Bob Thornton, when the couple were known to wear vials of each others’ blood around their necks.

Shared Jupiters show the couple's shared humanitarian work for a number of causes. Angelina has just entered Sun Mahadasha in September 2015 at aged 40, and ‘By The Sea’ based on her own screenplay, is a significant career development. Sun in 11th house with Ketu should bring her humanitarian and fundraising work to the fore, and this international sex symbol may become better known for her behind-the-cameras activities over the next six years.

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