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The Call From Hollywood: Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter (Guru) moved into Leo (Simha) 14th July. Though it is now out of its exaltation sign Cancer, it is very comfortable in Leo, the sign of its friend the Sun (Surya), with whom it shares qualities of confidence, majesty, faith and creativity. This is a glamorous, charismatic, showbiz signature for Jupiter - with maybe a warning not to get too imperious!

Jupiter is the Greater Benefic in astrology both West and East, though it is probably even more highly revered in Jyotish, where it is known as Guru. Mythic Jupiter’s Vedic equivalent is Brihaspati, the guru of the gods. God has an infinite amount of time, but liberation from this life here and now, comes through the karmic shortcut grace of the guru (Gu = darkness Ru = remover). Hence it is said, ‘there is nothing greater than the guru’.

Jupiter is a Brahmin, sattvic (pure) planet and according to Parashara has ‘a big body, tawny hair and eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in all shastras [spiritual sciences]’. It is at home in Sagittarius and Pisces, exalted in Cancer, fallen in Capricorn, and receives directional strength in the East (ascendant/ first house). Guru is the embodiment of divine teaching, wisdom, knowledge, justice, honesty, good karma, protection, wealth and children. For women, Jupiter is the general significator of the husband, who ideally represents a good-hearted, trustworthy, protective provider.

A weak Jupiter represents doubt/skepticism, arrogance/ entitlement, dogmatism, over-indulgence, hypocrisy, bloating.

Guru remains in each sign on average for 11 months, though now Jupiter rushes through all of Leo until 8th January 2016 before turning retrograde. Through his whole transit, Jupiter is aspected by Saturn in Scorpio, which gives a strict, pragmatic influence to the unbounded Jupiterian optimism and expansion. These are the two economic indicator planets, and here boom and bust will exist side-by-side, and it is significant that the current political debate centres around the working man versus the One Percenters.

At his retrograde point on 9th January 2016, Jupiter will collide with Rahu at 29 degrees Leo. Jupiter-Rahu may bring sudden good luck for some but there will be an ethical dilemma to go with any reward. Jupiter is sattvic and judicious, but Rahu is a dark, reckless outsider. There may be scandal or disgrace for royalty, celebrities or politicians, and watch out anyone who tries to elbow their way to the top. Economic unbalance reaches a critical point here. Equally, there may be a move to scapegoat a particular religion or philosophy, or rough justice involving a spiritual teacher, anyone from the Pope to Russell Brand: ‘hard cases make bad law’. Hubris will be punished.

Jupiter goes direct on 9th May and finally leaves Leo on 12th August 2016.

It is easy to overstate the promise of transiting Jupiter, with people expecting to sit back and laissez le bon ton roulez. The Call From Hollywood may or may not arrive, but a Jupiter transit across a planet or angle often coincides with an introduction or subtle break that gets your foot in the door - particularly if you are simultaneously in a Jupiter dasha or antardasha. Wherever Jupiter is transiting, ask for more than you would usually expect from that house’s affairs. Transits in Jyotish are judged from the Moon and/or the ascendant.

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