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The New Year 2022

Some same, some new in 2022, with major entries into signs ringing the changes, some long-term. These movements promise good things, though the world is still in a phase of change which will confound and shake up cosy old notions.

Here are the details of 2022:

Mercury, planet of communication, is retrograde in Earth Signs through 2022:

Jan 14th to Feb 4th in Capricorn; May 10th to June 3rd in Taurus; September 10th to October 2nd in Virgo

These time-windows are useful to review and edit, but be careful with major decisions, purchases and travel plans; plus, look out for an old friend returning into your life. Wait until Mercury turns direct before you can see the whole board.

Venus, planet of values and relationship, is retrograde until January 29th, which gives you a different look at someone you know. This Venus retro period reflects the period Dec-Jan 2013-14, and may complete a relationship cycle that began around that time. Look to the period Jan 14th-29th when Mercury and Venus are both going backwards, and expect to be dealing with a romantic issue from the past.

Mars, planet of action, is also retrograde in Taurus this year, from October 30th, when you think about how you assert yourself and the way you get things done. Mars is in Taurus for a longer period in 2022, on and off as from August 10th, so expect a dynamic focus on that sign and its placement in your chart.

Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, moves out of idealistic Aquarius and shifts into its own sign of Pisces on April 13th. This is excellent news for spirituality, dreams, and imagination, and for finding a sense of belief, though a strong Jupiter can also be bombastic and overbearing. Jupiter is in Uttara Bhadrapada for most of its Pisces transit this year, and this nakshatra’s Shakti for ‘Bringing the Rain’ has an association with growth and fertility. Work on your yoga and meditation routine, and expect good results, where empathy, generosity and forgiveness are well-rewarded.

Jupiter retrograde from July 28th to November 23rd 2022 may require you to be more ambitious and confident, and/or to change your beliefs. Raise your sights, and a second opportunity allows you to seize the prize.

Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets of desire and spirituality, move into the Aries-Libra axis from April 13th, (the same day as Jupiter changes signs, btw). These shadow planets are signifiers of eclipses, which occur in and around Aries and Libra this year. Pay attention if an eclipse falls near one of your natal planets, for a sudden or karmic experience.

Solar eclipse April 30th 2022 16° Aries, Lunar eclipse May 16th 2022 0° Scorpio, Solar eclipse October 25th 2022 7° Libra Lunar Eclipse November 8th 2022 21° Aries

Saturn, planet of karma, suffering and success, continues in its own sign of Capricorn until the middle of the year, continuing 2021’s long-term goal setting. So far, so normal for Saturn, though the last ten degrees of a sign by transit traditionally is the place where it has its strongest effect. After a slow build-up, issues that have remained in the balance come down one side or other, and you make a major decision around the natal house Saturn is moving through: keep the faith and carry on, or decide the lemon isn’t worth the squeeze. After a Saturn transit is over, you look back on the previous two-and-a-half years and think, ‘what was all that about?’, and feel great relief. Only for Saturn to land in another sign and the cycle continues.

Saturn moves through the nakshatras of Shravana and Dhanishta, and on into its other home sign of Aquarius from April 29th until July 12th. Instead of purely grounding your ambitions, Aquarius is more about ideals and beliefs, and deciding what to do with your empire once it is built. Saturn remains strong in this sign however, and experiences in this short transit repeat and become still more important once Saturn takes up residence in Aquarius come January 2023. Saturn’s retrograde five months runs from June 4th until October 23rd 2022, when you review your progress, and a major ambition may take a different direction and take longer than planned. By late October, you should really know where you stand.

Mid-April is a busy time, as on the 18th, Neptune, planet of spirituality, imagination and empathy, identified by neo-Vedic astrologers as Varuna, devata of oceans, goes into its own sign of Pisces. This is part of its 164-year cycle, where its previous stay in Pisces was from April 1857 until April 1871. Neptune together with Jupiter in Pisces, their shared home sign, signals a breakthrough in consciousness, though may be chaotic on the material level.


The late, much-missed sidereal astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza theorized that the Vernal Equinox currently at 5 degrees Pisces is at a right-angle to the Galactic Centre at 5 degrees Sagittarius, which is the cue for the major societal changes we are going through. This in the context of the Equinoctial cycle of 25,920 years.

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