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Lunar Eclipse in Aries Oct 28th

The partial Lunar Eclipse in Aries-Ashwini on October 28th is less spectacular than its Solar counterpart of October 14th, with only a shadow appearing over the lunar disk and a small corner being obscured. Still, the overall planetary picture adds intensity to the atmosphere - as if that were needed. This is the final eclipse of the Aries-Libra series, landing a couple of days before Rahu and Ketu move into Virgo and Pisces, where a phase of activity comes to a climax. This event is fully visible in the places that the previous solar eclipse was not - Lunar eclipses are visible from everywhere on the ‘night’ side of the Earth, when the sky is clear, which takes in the northeast USA, Europe, mid-East, Asia and Western Australia.

Though only a partial, this eclipse’s impact stretches far beyond the moment and climaxes a combination of other volatile factors. Dynamic Mars and philosophical Jupiter face off across the Libra and Aries axis, to the degree, which at the best of times signals a crusading, self-righteous mood. Oppositions are aspects of relationship, which bring projection and finger-pointing. Planetary enemies Mercury and Mars also sitting tightly together in Libra have the reputation for exaggeration, if not outright lying, in the context of a battle of words. This is war propaganda, where people speak passionately, quickly, aggressively, and Jupiter’s influence blurs all facts and fine details. Everyone has God on their side. Mercury-Mars and Jupiter is tough enough in itself, but landing barely three degrees from the Israeli nation’s Rahu-Ketu in Aries-Libra, either side in a dispute is liable to strike first out of fear.

Partial Lunar Eclipse October 28th, 20:23 UT, London UK

On the plus side, as Ketu moves into Virgo on October 30th and separates from Mars, some underlying tensions should be released. These two planets together give an angry and unreasoning energy that is hard to reconcile.

At a personal level, any plan or business which has hung in the balance may take a decisive turn, or else events conspire to bring change from the outside. Eclipses carry a karmic quality – which is to say a pivotal event or influence that appears despite all planning and precaution - so anything you say or do may be misunderstood or exaggerated. Ashwini's Shakti for Quick Action emphasizes a sudden event, which may be favourable, but it's better not to leap into anything rashly. Don’t let a small difference grow into a major dispute. As ever, hold off on a big decision or long journey, and think twice before starting any important business. Remain indoors if possible, and the day can easily pass off as usual, except you simply feel tired or irritable during the eclipse hours. Meditation also has greatly enhanced benefits around the exact hour, especially if you live under its path (most people), and mantra chanting focuses your intent.

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