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Jupiter in Aquarius: Liberté, Egalité, Technologié

Jupiter, Guru of the Gods and planet of philosophy and expansion, moves into Aquarius, a sign of its so-so friend Saturn, on April 5th 2021. Though Jupiter is only moderately strong here, it steps up from debilitation in Capricorn over the last year, and gives us all a sense of optimism and forward momentum. Jupiter spends approximately twelve months in every sign, and has a great influence on both the culture and the individual’s yogic path – for example, India’s four-yearly Kumbh Mela, this year held in Haridwar, is timed by Jupiter’s transit of Aquarius. After a trip back into Capricorn from September 15th to November 21st, Jupiter returns to Aquarius up to April 13th 2022, after a retrograde phase from June 20th to October 17th 2021.

Aquarius is known as a revolutionary sign, but as much as the actual overthrow, it’s about the new Utopia created after the coup has taken place. In Greek myth, Jupiter was Saturn’s son who ousted his father in a similar way as Saturn deposed his own father, Uranus - celestial family karma – and released the gods from tyranny. Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn 2020-21 was the start of a new cycle after which the Grand Conjunctions will be in the Earth element for the next hundred and fifty years - but the transit of Aquarius is where we start to see the post-Covid world. After the initial virus panic, the real agenda of the promised technocracy will be getting into full swing with Jupiter in this detached, conceptual, future-oriented sign.

This transit hits all the hot buttons: Jupiter rules freedom and belief, while Aquarius is individual liberty versus society, and we’re grappling with Big Media’s encroachment into every corner of life. Jupiter focuses on the cultural and philosophical impact of censorship and surveillance, and our spectrum of discourse becoming narrower - how long before we all have to believe the right things simply be allowed to do business? Aquarius is an idealistic sign but has its authoritarian side, with no room for individual discretion or deviation from the liberal, secular, centrist script, on pain of becoming a cancelled unperson. Vaccinations, for instance, may not become strictly mandatory – no infringement of the individual’s rights - but try working, travelling, or even shopping without one. Even those with no qualms about the novel Covid-19 vaccine are concerned about the consolidation of data into a Health Passport, which will eventually roll into a Communist-style social credit system and its ownership of our soul. This will likely appear in earnest with Saturn in Aquarius, from May 2022-2025, which just avoids overlapping with Jupiter’s transit of the sign.

Guru in Kumbh, April 5th 2021, 18:50 GMT

Dhanishta nakshatra up to May 22nd, gives Jupiter a positive start in Aquarius, which focuses on self-expression and prosperity. This asterism is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, the auspicious wealth-givers in Vedic mythology, and its Shakti, or special gift, is ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’. Jupiter as planetary wealth-karaka sees you drawn to fine quality, where you also sense possibilities in the new digital world of work. Even in this asterism, Guru’s prosperity powers have been limited while in Capricorn, and almost as a footnote to the Covid stats, lockdown measures have had a catastrophic effect on the economy - the UK alone has suffered its worst financial downturn in 300 years.

Online shopping is replacing the high street and cash is by way of being replaced by Aquarian digital and crypto. The World Economic Forum’s trumpeted Great Reset is where the world is heading, pandemic or not, and it’s hoped Jupiter’s transit brings the benefits of the new techno-paradigm. The old 40-hour working week was nobody’s idea of soul-medicine, and the new vision is that we’ll be able work at whatever we want, when we want, with a lifestyle tailored to fit. Utopian, sure, but this is Jupiter’s promise.

Jupiter edges into Shatabishta up to July 19th, the nakshatra whose name translates to ‘A hundred physicians’ - which suggests a medical breakthrough, specifically around vaccination. Shatabishta’s ruler Varuna, God of the Seas, brings contact with actual water or immersion in the inner meditative ocean. This constellation has a mystical side too, perhaps star-gazing or astrology, and reading, writing and communicating on all these areas plays to your skills.

Jupiter has been in Capricorn altogether since March 30th 2020, most recently since November 21st 2020, dates which coincide with draconian Covid-19 measures in the UK and elsewhere. In its weakest sign, Jupiter’s natural expansiveness and can-do spirit has been cast as reckless naivety, which brought an atmosphere of resignation, if not despair. Significantly, the UK’s promised return to openness and ‘normality’ on June 21st is the day after Jupiter goes retrograde in Aquarius, and our promised new freedom may prove to be provisional, with at least a strong debate about bringing back one-size-fits-all restrictions. Contingencies are already in place to take lockdown beyond June 21st, and these will intensify when Jupiter retrogrades back into Capricorn from September 14th to November 20th, in time for flu’ season.

From March 5th to April 14th 2022, Jupiter is in Purva Bhadrapada, one of the harsher nakshatras, but this is offset by Jupiter’s impending entry into home territory in Pisces. Jupiter’s influence broadens your horizons wherever it lands, gives you a new optimistic take and an attitude of looking forwards rather than back. The only word of caution is to keep honest, and not slip into a cavalier attitude that takes results for granted.


You can map Jupiter’s transit in your own chart either from the Ascendant or the Moon, or both, where it may give contrasting effects. Jupiter’s middle ten degrees (Drekkana), from January 18th to April 14th, is traditionally its strongest, which falls mainly in Shatabishta. From Aquarius. Jupiter also aspects Gemini and Libra, giving natal planets in these signs a boost of confidence and expansion.


You have a strong idealistic instinct and pick up an ambition which needs an injection of enthusiasm. New horizons open and a program of study suits your needs and keeps the peace when you get your frustration out. You have confidence in your ability and going with your instincts makes even your rivals respect you. This is an important time ahead which makes you feel like part of a wider world.


Jupiter gives you inner peace and freedom, even when you don’t appear to be doing much in the world. You do great work on the spiritual level and your confidence and faith have a way of making your wishes manifest. This is a time of centring, but prepare for your efforts to be more appreciated - you have a power all of your own and exert a hidden influence from behind the scenes.

Aries Jupiter in Aquarius an affinity with this area of your chart, where it gives a balance between your group efforts and work for your own self-interest. You are a great influence on a good cause and take responsibility for a larger collection of people. Expect good relations with collaborators on a joint effort and you can turn contact and connections into an extra income stream.

Taurus Use this initial six-month April-September window to promote yourself and make inroads into a career push. You have natural confidence in your work and a supportive side that motivates you in all conditions. Working in a caring field or teaching, you are insightful and have a great understanding of people’s needs. Follow your instincts in a new job and nobody can stop you when your energy is up.

Gemini Jupiter casts a positive influence on your sign and gives you a great appetite for knowledge. You defend your beliefs and have wise insight that doesn’t just come out of books. Jupiter gives you the ability to read and research, but you create an extra new spiritual buzz that is all your own. Despite all current conditions, you jump aboard when an unexpected chance to travel comes up.

Cancer Boundaries between you and someone close come down and you benefit from someone else’s resources. There is strong emotional energy between you and a partner and you have the confidence to explore it. You are lucky in discussions over money and property – Jupiter is protective and you end up with a larger share. Events work in your favour even when you give way in negotiation.

Leo You have a philosophy of relationship now, which revolves around giving freedom and letting your partner come and go. A romantic invitation broadens your horizons and you are attracted to someone from faraway. A partner close needs attention and you are happy to give as much as you receive. Play the guru role for each other and you are wiser as well as happier.

Virgo You are all idealism, even in the most mundane situation, and can improve working conditions for everyone. Showcase your grasp of the big picture at work, and you do well in a therapeutic environment. You are lucky in finding a fill-in job and even something short-term has good prospects. Pace yourself in a new fitness plan and Jupiter quickens your pulse and gets your energy flowing.

Libra Jupiter gives you an appetite for spiritual knowledge, and you are a natural student with great powers of recall. Take the lead in a creative project and your generous attitude sees people following you willingly. You grasp new information quickly and a young person comes to you for advice. You have a great sporting spirit and a positive break comes to you from Jupiter’s generous energy.

Scorpio Jupiter has an affinity in its transiting area, where it expands your home security and education prospects. Throw your energy into creating the home of your dreams, and time spent in seclusion is worth it. A family issue is resolved when you step up as the focus and people are happy to let you lead. Jupiter makes you generous and forward-looking, and your good instincts are recognized in the end.

Sagittarius You are bold and enterprising and Jupiter brings you good fortune from your own neighbourhood. Put your energy into expressing yourself and you find meaning in creative and artistic pursuits. You make an excellent student or teacher and a sibling is there to support you. Find the drive to push your own efforts and your entrepreneurial mastery of the big media picture makes the difference.

Capricorn Opportunities of the last year start turning into actual money. Your resources go further when you put them towards a great humanitarian cause and create a win-win situation. Jupiter gives you a supportive spirit, and you can indulge yourself or save up for a rainy day. Your learning and powers of speech make you a bankable prospect, and you are focused on being an earner and provider.

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