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Great American Eclipse (pt.1)

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Chittra of October 14th brings the end of Pitru Paksh, the Vedic festival of the Ancestors, and begins Shardiya Navratri, the main Mother Divine puja of the year. As the all-important eclipse indicators, Rahu and Ketu prepare to move into Pisces and Virgo on October 30th, this is the first of a new round of solar and lunar eclipses in the new sign polarity. This is also the first of two ‘Great American Eclipses’ whose paths criss-cross the continental USA over the next six months - the second falls on April 8th 2024. October 14th's ‘annular’ eclipse sees the Sun’s glare slightly larger than the Moon’s obscuring disk, giving a ‘ring of fire’ effect in its path of visibility. It arrives at 17:54 GMT and travels across the USA through Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, and on to Texas, then into Central and South America, giving its main effects in those areas.

Annular Solar Eclipse October 14th 2023, 17:56 GMT

These twin eclipses bookend a crucial six-month period for the USA, between now and next April, highlighting the country’s political and cultural divide. As well as its path crossing the country, the October 14th eclipse lands within two degree of the USA’s natal Saturn at 24 Virgo, planet of boundaries, responsibility, and karma, which is most simply symbolized by a Wall. Solar Eclipses tend to increase tension and anxiety, and Saturn plays on fear and insecurity, so the path through the southern USA and South America will likely increase concerns yet further, and ramp up debate around immigration and a border wall. The nakshatra of Chittra, ruled by Vishwakarma the celestial architect, like Saturn, represents form and structure, though in a more aesthetic sense, and any initial political decisions may at first be 'dressed up'.

Eclipses also traditionally represent the fate of Kings, and the USA’s Saturn being ‘eclipsed’ goes to structure and basic form (Saturn is formal), and in America’s 10th House shows the government itself. The current American ‘King’ is very old, and faces an election in a year’s time. April 8th’s Total Solar Eclipse at 25° Pisces, also exactly opposes the USA’s natal Saturn. The signature repeats across the other half of the country, from Texas up to New England and into Canada, another crucial time for the leadership. The political landscape should look quite different after the second Solar Eclipse, but its roots will begin with the first.

In addition, transiting Saturn on October 14th sits within a degree of the USA’s natal Moon in Aquarius, a powerful ‘double-whammy’. Saturn’s transit over a natal Moon (peak Sade-Sati), is a stressful and maturing aspect, which changes lives; arguably, it is the most impactful single transit of any in astrology. For a country as with a person; the USA faces lessons around its boundaries, responsibilities, and whole political outlook.

If these events were not enough, the USA is also expecting its first Pluto Return in February of 2024 – note, this is the correct sidereal Pluto Return - Pluto’s orbit is 248 years: 1776 to 2024. Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of banking and administration, speaks again to basic structures and the time of Plutocracy, government by the rich. An ‘end-of-empire’ feeling in the air is much talked-about, and astrologers have drawn parallels with the Fall of the Roman Empire, which coincided with its second Pluto Return in 476 AD. Democracy has been said to be the worst political system apart from all the others, a lowest common-denominator default, and now we look at facing a new period of oligarchy/ plutocracy. Money has taken over all the levers of government: health, media, foreign policy, regulation. Financial power is everything, and will we soon be living in an official single-party-state, which is now in all but name?

On a personal level, a Solar Eclipse is a dramatized New Moon, symbolizing a fresh start, where old conditions are cleared away, either consciously or through outside agency. Your plans or ambitions may be finished decisively, either through completion and success, or else are taken out of your hands by fate. The change may be abrupt and accompanied by a sense of crisis, where you feel overwhelmed by a particular issue, out of all proportion to its actual importance. The impact of the eclipse may last months, or in the case of a Solar Eclipse, years after the event.

So the advice is always to take it easy, and you will likely see an issue quite differently after the shadowy atmosphere has passed.

Eclipses are not favourable for travel, business, or any major decision, but give many times greater value for spiritual work and meditation, especially if you are in the eclipse path. This is one of the best times of the year for poweful, focused mantra-chanting. October 14th’s eclipse is ruled by Mercury, strong in Virgo, and in close proximity to the Sun and Moon. Keeping your head and staying rational will help you through the day, even if Mercury itself being eclipsed emphasizes being careful what you say. Chittra nakshatra (close to Chittra-Spica itself, among the brightest stars in the sky), affects arts and crafts, and its Shakti or unique gift, is the Power to Collect Merit. This eclipse is also hemmed between the planets of love and passion, Venus and Mars, so you may make a decisive relationship move, or find a sudden break out of a deadlock in a romatic affair.

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