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Secret Source: Jupiter in Sagittarius-Mula

Jupiter/ Guru, planet of wisdom, expansion and dharma enters its home sign of Sagittarius on November 4th until March 30th 2020; it then re-enters Sagittarius on July 1st until November 21st 2020. Jupiter has already tipped into Sagittarius from late March into April this year, so expect the initial phase of this transit to trigger memories from that time. Maybe you had a sense of anticipation or felt on the threshold of an all-too brief dream, but this was only hors d’oeuvres. The Greater Benefic entering its mooltrikona sign proper, a level down from exaltation, is a major event - any graha acting as its own dispositor adds strength and stability and brings an expansive and healing effect. Appreciate this especially with Saturn’s current stay in Sagittarius since late 2017, where your beliefs and philosophy have been road-tested and the issues of this house in your chart stretched to the limit. Perhaps wisdom has felt like a sacrifice and you have had to think about the bigger picture, but Jupiter now brings you rewards in the here-and-now.

Guru’s stay in Scorpio over the previous year has given you insight into deeper, more emotional areas and exploration of the taboo and hidden, which you now underpin with an intellectual framework. Mystical and yogic experience gives way to philosophical thought that you can defend to your enemies and share with your friends. Chasing academic laurels and initials after your name, you reinforce your knowledge by teaching others and Jupiter supports your ambitions. You have a good relationship with your own teacher and can become a Guru in your own right, though enrolling in the academy or starting a pilgrimage is not compulsory: you can share homespun wisdom in a niche area and your company feels like being part of a wider world. Jupiter's good fortune need not arrive with great fanfare but a subtle break is your reward for thinking big and behaving as a glass half full. You succeed through the conventional route and traditional dharmic qualities – honesty, generosity and spirituality – point the way. When a planet is at home, you play to its strengths.

In some cases Jupiter exaggerates the wrong thing and you come over as careless or cavalier, and you wouldn’t want to fall short in your ambitions by assuming too much or, worse, failing to turn up. Jupiter becomes a malefic for Venus and Saturn-ruled ascendants and can be indifferent for Gemini and Virgo lagnas, where arrogance or naivety is often the enemy. Trust God and tie your camel. This is worst-case, however: there is more to look forward to with this transit. The fire signs Aries and Leo get benefic trines in the coming 12 months and this is a good time for everyone to raise their sights.

Jupiter exaggerates and expands what it hits and while acting as a benevolent force, has to contend with influences that have made Sagittarius a minefield. The Jupiter-Ketu conjunction exact by early January 2020 is altogether lighter and more spiritual feel than the abrupt detachment and heavy mood of Saturn-Ketu through mid-2019. There is also a conjunction with Pluto in late-degree Sagittarius by December, as the planet of the Underworld prepares to leave after a fourteen-year stint. This is a significant transition: since 2005, Pluto has seen a New Crusade, suicide terrorism, sexual abuse in the Church and showbiz, and seen the rise of Social Media (the new graffiti) hand-in-hand with a waspishly hypersensitive politically correct atmosphere. Jupiter lifts the tone on a personal level and gives all-important meaning to your recent Sagittarius experience: the brakes come off and where there was a red light, now you are green and good to go.

This transit begins in Mula nakshatra until January 5th 2020 and the first pada here is the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras, said to be particularly volatile between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Your plans have a provisional quality and this dip into the first degree of a fire sign gives the promise of new territory but without immediate follow-through. Be careful of overreach and a desire in its early stages is not ready to stand alone. Mula’s Shakti, or special power, is ‘to ruin and destroy’ and you may look to eliminate excess or undesirable elements, so it’s not so much what you accumulate as what you let go. As ruler of wealth (dhana-karaka), Jupiter’s transition may initially be slow for trading and traditional commodities like gold and oil, though these will rally after Jupiter moves on and especially once Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January 2020.

Mula sits at our Galactic Centre and its symbol the Root shows you concerned with finding philosophical foundations or going back to the source. It’s a good time to re-learn your subject in greater depth. This is the first Pada of Mula, the Aries-ruled subsection of the asterism which relates to initiatives in pursuing right action. Especially fiery and daring, you seek out new avenues and think about a bold new program of education, or changing lanes on your existing course.

Jupiter initially races through the whole of Sagittarius in six months, reaching Purvashadha by January 5th and Purvashadha on March 8th, twin nakshatras with similar auspicious symbolism connected with war, victory and the removal of obstacles. Guru then moves into Capricorn on March 30th where it is rescued from debilitation by Saturn’s transit in its home sign, even though the two so-called chronocrators, or rulers of time, don’t quite catch up with each other. By May 14th Jupiter turns retrograde and re-enters Sagittarius on July 1st, brushing back into Purvashadha before turning direct on September 13th and leaving the sign finally on November 21st.

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