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Game of Thrones: Gallon into a Pint Plot

Game of Thrones was first shown on HBO, April 17th 2011 at 20:30pm, New York. George RR Martin's books were already published by the mid-1990s, so this chart does not describe characters per se, though it's a powerful horoscope in its own right, befitting one of the most popular TV shows of all time. GoT is celebrated for its labyrinthine plot, with many different strands and lead characters, but with the TV version having outpaced the author’s original novels, the different threads have been wrapped up double quick.

The Full Moon rising in Libra, sign of diplomacy, is symbolic of the powerful women characters, while its opposition to exalted Sun in the 7th house also shows a battle of the sexes. The stellium in Pisces with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter (and quirky Uranus for Westerners), opposed by Saturn contains multiple Raja Yogas and speaks to GoT’s enormous success. The Sixth is the house of conflict, enemies and debts, all potent themes, and is also the house of sense-control. There are several characters, men and women, who are either actual castrati or who sublimate their sex drive into their warrior's fighting skills.

Rahu might have been more prominent for a show that revolves around Dragons, though the North Node is powerful for being channelled through a strong Jupiter. The majority of GoT’s run (since Season Three) has also been in Rahu mahadasha, which shows its maverick and taboo-breaking qualities. Sex, politics, swearing and betrayal are all part of George Martin’s genre of Hard Fantasy, which embraces issues the usual swords and sorcery fare sidesteps. Western astrologers will also note the square from Pluto in Sagittarius to the Pisces stellium.

GoT’s contrarian nature is also shown by Mercury retrograde - this planet is rescued from debilitation by Venus and Jupiter, though is still notably weak. From a Western standpoint, Mercury went stationary direct by progression in February 2017, shortly after Season Seven finished shooting. Season Eight is the first to be made and shown while Mercury is direct by progression, which accounts for the apparent change in plot direction.

Season Eight also surfaced during Rahu-Saturn antardasha, invariably a harsh and cruel period which began September 2018. This time would have included final editing, which saw some embarrassing bloopers being left in, after a punishing shooting schedule that by all accounts left actors’ nerves frayed. The two-year wait for the final season was itself a red flag, rather like the ominous feeling one gets from a rock band being stuck in the studio for too long. Not all fans were happy at the end after investing eight years in a saga, clearly, and the Season had the shows worst reviews, but Rahu-Saturn is heavy duty energy at the best of times.

Yet for others it was a satisfying end to a complex, exciting, and game-changing fantasy phenomenon. Spin-off anyone? Yes please.

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