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News came from Forbes magazine last month that Kylie Jenner has become the world’s youngest-ever self-made billionaire, beating Mark Zuckerberg’s record by two years. Ms Jenner’s fortune has come mainly from her cosmetics line ('Kylie Cosmetics'), launched in late 2015, which flew off the shelves from day one. Between her TV profile and social media following (120m on IG) Kylie is the epitome of 21st century success and an object lesson in how to leverage name and fame.

There has been a lot of comment concerning exactly how exactly self-made socialite and TV star Ms Jenner is, but Forbes’s definition applies in that she is not an heiress per se. That she has built on her lucky start in life can be seen from her powerful natal chart, with dhan (wealth) yogas including first and second lords Jupiter and Saturn in parivatana/sign exchange – a yoga which also lifts Jupiter out of debilitation - along with Jupiter exaltation in D9. Chandra-Mangala Yoga in the 11th house (conjunct the MC) is traditionally good for wealth in general and multiple income streams here in particular, while also giving a tenacious and competitive nature.

Kylie Jenner August 10th 1997, 17:25, Los Angeles, CA

Venus close to the tenth cusp shows Ms Jenner’s involvement with luxury goods, while its association with Rahu lifts it out of the mundane into an otherworldly, stratospheric level of success. Sun as Rasi ninth lord gives Raja Yoga with Jupiter in the second, while Jupiter’s exaltation in a generally strong navamsha D9 chart shows an ethical dimension to Kylie Cosmetics, which are vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Venus rising in Taurus in dashamsha D10 is also a general indication of success in the beauty industry.

Incidentally, Venus-Mercury on the nodal axis in the ninth, along with ninth lord Sun in the eighth, may also say something about Kylie’s father, the former Olympic decathlete Caitlyn Jenner, who transitioned to becoming a woman after gender reassignment surgery in 2017. This happened during Kylie’s current Saturn mahadasha, which is in her natal fourth house of family. Saturn currently is also transiting Ms Jenner’s ascendant, while she will also have an all-important progressed New Moon in May 2019 – an episode that happens for most people twice in a life. These energies, along with managing her empire, will keep her busy during Saturn dasha.

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