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Peter Dinklage: Giant Steps

Peter Dinklage made an address in 2012 to students at his old college and spoke of his struggle to embrace his chosen career, “At aged 29 I told myself the next acting job I get, no matter what it pays, I will from now on, for better or worse, be a working actor”. Astrologers will note the timing of the actor’s arrival at the crossroads; in fact parts of his speech could have come from the pages of a textbook on Saturn transits.

The Saturn return, is usually described in Western astrology as a trial-by-fire, but is really the point where a person discovers or refines their true life path. Dinklage’s Saturn is fallen in Aries, a classic candidate for a bumpy passage through Saturn’s doorway, even though a debilitated planet can and often does produce great results. Saturn in Aries at first either retreats into itself or else substitutes bravado and short-termism for the recommended longer game, all on the path to wisdom. In the second house, Saturn brings money issues, at least before aged thirty, and the prospect of building financial security in a career like acting must seem precarious at best.

June 11th 1969, 01:37am, Point Pleasant, NJ

Peter Dinklage’s Saturn is within half a degree of Venus and also closely conjunct the Moon, with all three planets channelled through a powerful dispositor, Mars in Scorpio in the ninth. In all this makes a powerful money (dhan) yoga. Dinklage could fairly expect to become wealthy in his lifetime, but probably not until after his Saturn return: there is promise, but also a steep learning curve. Today he is among the highest-paid actors on TV, and while his 2012 speech was heartfelt and inspirational, listening students would be hard pressed to emulate their predecessor’s success no matter how committed or pathologically optimistic.

Definitions of success vary and - newsflash – not every Hollywood big-shot is necessarily happy. Peter Dinklage is a particularly fine example, for a life backed up by intelligent upending of stereotypes and prejudice. His breakthrough success in Game of Thrones came in Rahu-Rahu period (2011), and his role as Tyrion Lannister is perfect for a man with Rahu rising who is making a conscious statement for dwarfs. Dinklage is currently acting in and producing a film about the late ‘midget’ actor Hervé Villechaize who was a movie and TV star in the 1970s, then earning a million dollars a year. His story ended tragically, however, with health problems leading him to take his own life aged 50. All the more reason not to wait for Saturn's prompting.


GoT corner...

Some actors are born to play a certain role, and Dinklage’s most famous character, Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister, has a bizarre resonance with his own horoscope. Rahu rising shows Tyrion's unconventional appearance and cunning nature - he is intelligent and an eloquent speaker - and ascendant and tenth lord Jupiter in the seventh shows his position as chief advisor to the Queen. He is the reviled son of a famous dynasty, whose mother died giving birth to him, for which Tyrion was forever blamed. Moon-Saturn in Aries in the second house shows this emotional legacy and his ambivalent relationship with his family. Venus-Saturn in Aries shows his debauchery and the sacrifices he has made in love. Mars in Scorpio in the ninth is his powerful and overbearing father, who hated him, and who he eventually killed. So: does the state of his third house give any clues to Game of Thrones' s finale? :)

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