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Jupiter in Libra 2017-18

Jupiter enters Libra on September 12th 2017 for approximately a year (his transit is 11.9 months on average). 'Guru' gives cause for celebration wherever he lands, with expansion, optimism and wisdom. This impulse makes us lucky, even if Jupiter performs better in some signs than others: Libra is the sign of a benefic and its ruler Venus is a material influence– the Guru of the Asuras (demons) and the ruler of love, money and beauty. In Vedic planetary relationships, Venus is Jupiter’s friend, but Jupiter doesn’t return the feeling, so in Libra, Guru is dragged into an area he doesn’t like – too frivolous and superficial - and delivers less than best results. Jupiter is a glass half-full, however, and there are worse things to worry about in Vedic Astrology than Jupiter transiting the sign of a fellow benefic!

Guru in Tula

When Jupiter in 2017/18 hits natal planets like Saturn and Venus which are strong in Libra, he creates freedom, protection and wisdom. Conjoining Saturn, Jupiter brings a sense of healing or liberation from past pain and problems, and we realise how we have limited ourselves through shyness, past rebuffs and karmic conditioning. Throwing off the shackles, this is a good time for long-range decisions and to make sustainable growth. Jupiter-Venus in Libra brings fun and material enjoyment (bhoga), and perhaps new love, if also a certain incompatibility or clash of values for two parties from different backgrounds or philosophies - which seems a small problem until one tries to reconcile it.

Watery ascendants Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces generally do well with Jupiter transits, as do fire signs on the first house. Air and earth signs less so, as Jupiter acting as a functional malefic expands areas which are better off being contained. Ruling bad houses and under bad aspects, Jupiter becomes cavalier and entitled, is a superficial thinker, and a giver and receiver of bad advice. Jupiter is the natural significator (karaka) of the husband, and the ideal marriageable male is a wise and benevolent provider, which is a clue to Guru’s exaltation in emotional and nurturing Cancer. Conversely, he falls in Capricorn where his vision is too narrow and calculating.

Brihaspati/ Jupiter

More generally, the transiting Jupiter Return (to its natal position) every twelve years is a traditional boost, though much depends on his natal state of grace. The 12-yearly raised Jupiterian vision and faith is an antidote to mundane expectations that come from simply surviving in the Matrix. Upping our game and meeting Jupiter halfway is the best way to make his lucky vibes go even further. Irrespective of sign, Jupiter crossing the natal ascendant is also a fine transit which broadens our horizons and brings a revival of body and soul - this is an excellent time to travel, or start a program of study or new spiritual program.

A year in one sign is enough to make a difference in most spheres without being life-defining, though it often takes a simultaneous transit from Saturn plus a powerful and positive dasha/ antardasha to truly ground the transformation. Otherwise we get a year or so of relative grace only for a quick return to status quo. Jupiter also makes trines, aspecting planets five and nine signs away from itself – those in its same element. So the houses of Aquarius and Gemini, and planets therein, will also receive a benevolent boost in the coming twelve months.

Libra rising

Broader horizons, new contacts & friends, opportunities, travel. Watch against weight gain.


Spiritual growth, interest in psychology, inner tensions being dissolved, pilgrimage, time spent in ashram.


New friendships and social life, political causes, ‘side income’, general gains.


New job or promotion, raising your profile, teaching or mentoring work, gaining authority.


Study and travel, finding a guru or philosophy, general blessing and good fortune.


Gain through partner’s money or inheritance, sexual healing, spiritual breakthrough, ‘moksha’ experience.


Good for married life or finding a partner, lucky for advice and collaborators of all kinds.


Good for healing and wellness, allows one to find a job and give good service. Watch against emotional eating


Child birth or pleasure from children, artistic inspiration, political advancement, knowledge of mantras.


Domestic security, home moving/improving, good family relations, studying, happiness.


Good fortune from siblings, education, business. Expansion through publishing, teaching, though need to be focused.


Financial good fortune, esp. family money, good family relations, new diet, new job.

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