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North Korea

Despite a couple of disputed dates for North Korea’s horoscope, the August 21st solar eclipse falls within a degree of the country's Saturn at 5° Leo. This fact appears to show either a large obstacle being removed and/or a fundamental restructuring – physical or psychological. Eclipses, well, eclipse something or someone and Saturn represents the shadow, so there will be intense focus on North Korea and its boundaries - or very existence - and for better or worse the world will discover the truth behind the secrecy.

Certainly Korea’s Saturn sitting on Donald Trump’s Mars explains the recent fiery rhetoric between the two leaders. Saturn restricts and frustrates, while Mars prods and provokes: the malefics antagonize each other and bring projection through fear. In fixed Leo it’s a contest to see who is King - the irresistible force and the immovable object. A different US President may have been content to contain or strategically ignore North Korea’s belligerence, but the current dynamic makes it an ego battle, which is Donald Trump’s signature style. The checks and balances in America’s chain of command may be tested and we will learn the extent to which Trump is ultimately the US's leader.

North Korea: September 12th 1948, 00:01hrs, Pyongyang (Book of World Horoscopes)

Kim Jong-un has Pluto retrograde directly transiting his Sun in August 2017, which makes its last direct pass in November and December. This transit is about ego, extremes of power and transformation, and is a test of how far we are prepared to go to achieve our aims. Partly for this reason, Pluto governs nuclear energy. North Korea has been described as ‘paranoid with a reason’, being faced with an enemy in America who allegedly wishes to reunify the country, and essentially do away with it - the ultimate Plutonian experience. In addition to this, Kim Jong-Un has Saturn crossing his natal Jupiter in Sagittarius through late November-December 2017, which will give him a radical experience of the limits of his power. His expansionist plans should be frustrated, though at what cost? Hopefully he has the wisdom to accept his boundaries being defined without seeing it as a loss of face.

Kim Jong-un January 8th 1984, time unknown.

In military terms nuclear weapons are referred to as a deterrent, with a largely totemic power, though on a very real level countries with this capability do not get invaded. Whether Kim Jong-Un is serious about his threats to attack US naval bases or he is simply playing Plutonian brinkmanship, there is an alarming confluence of factors at work. A dynamic like this between two incompatible forces cannot be resolved on the level of the problem, and will require national-level Vedic yagya performances to dissolve the dissonant energy. This is not mysticism, but an integral part of Vedic culture and a practical and scientific approach to managing world affairs.

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