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Tiger Woods: Blame it on the Moon

Even non-golfing fans were shocked to see Tiger Woods’ disoriented mugshot taken after his arrest for DIU on May 29th, when he was found passed-out at the wheel of his car by a busy roadside (in Jupiter, Florida). This appeared to be the final step in the disintegration of the preeminent sportsman of his generation, what happened?

Tiger’s chart has Raj Yogas for success and wealth, which unlike some other sporting superstars (Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer), leaves no doubt we are looking at a man of exceptional gifts. A difference of only a few minutes puts his nominal Virgo ascendant back into Leo, which gives Mars dig bala in the 10th house and sends its already high Shadbala rating through the roof. Tiger’s legendary competitiveness and will-to-win, allied to his native talent, meant that at his peak on the golf course he was simply better than anyone else.

December 30th 1975 22:45 (rectified from 22:50), Long Beach, CA.

Leo rising chart gives Mars extra dig bala in 10th house

His golden period as World no.1, August 1999 to October 2010, came to an abrupt halt in late 2009-10, coinciding with the revelation of a rockstar-like string of one-night-stands (Jupiter swakshetra in the Eighth) that shocked the prudish golfing world and led to both a loss of sponsorship and a split from his wife. The only thing he offered by way of explanation was that he had made enormous sacrifices to reach his success, and he felt he owed himself a little fun. Tiger's off-the-green exploits would have come mostly during Sun dasha, regal in the fifth house and flanked (shubh-katari) by all the benefics. Compare and contract with his Moon mahadasha beginning July 2010. Dark waning Moon is 12th lord, debilitated in Scorpio Jyestha Gandanta and under a close aspect of Mars. Tiger has not won a major tournament since he entered the Moon’s jurisdiction and he has by now dropped out of the world top 500, an unimaginable statistic only a few years ago.

Today Tiger is also in the throes of peak Sade-Sati, which will repeat over the course of summer 2017. He claims he was not drunk when he was arrested in May, but simply suffering from an adverse reaction to prescription drugs. Quite possibly. One explanation for his catastrophic loss of form is the persistent injuries he has suffered, particularly to his back, and Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th house afflicted by Saturn shows problems in this area, nerve pain, and also potential issues with medication. He is currently in Moon-Mercury-Jupiter dasha.

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