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Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis has always been the retiring type, but the three-time winner of the Best Actor Oscar announced last week, following his second Saturn return, that he is hanging up his codpiece for good. Legendary for his obsessive immersion in character, Day-Lewis has Saturn in the 12th (rectified chart) a signature for withdrawal and a transit under which people reflect and get in touch with their soul. For Day-Lewis, this means spending more time woodworking and riding motorbikes in rural Ireland.

Any large stellium that cuts across Nakshatras will hold mixed messages – exalted Sun with retrograde Mercury in Bharani makes a Maha Raj Yoga, though in separate ways his combust Venus and dark balsamic Moon (in Aswini) show a complex and highly strung character. He shares his New Moon in the fifth house with Marlon Brando, the actor he has often been compared to (Brando's was in Pisces). Mercury exactly conjunct Ketu is outstanding for creativity and insight into character (one reviewer described his ‘mystical spirit of inhabitation’), though also signals an over-imaginative and anxious mind. In 1990, he broke down after seeing the ghost of his own father while playing Hamlet on the London stage, an experience that led to a total nervous collapse (Moon-Rahu period).

Daniel Day-Lewis April 29th 1957, 00:47am, London (rectified as per

His Aries stellium is channelled through Mars at 3° Gemini/Mrigashira, and along with his Saturn return, Day-Lewis will have felt acutely transit Saturn’s recent station opposite this degree. On his birthday this year (2017) he also went through a secondary progressed New Moon, which often feels like Year Zero in a life. Uranus too represents the abrupt and counterintuitive, and it having just hit his natal Moon sheds more light on his premature announcement. Uranian notions, however, are spur-of-the-moment, especially in Aries, and with four planets still to go in this transit over the next seven years, Day-Lewis may yet join a celebrated list of showbiz retirees who don't long stay retired.

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