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Raja Yoga: Prince Harry

This page is not The Daily Telegraph, but Prince Harry’s recent comments on counselling and emotional grief are worth a look. The ‘spare heir’s’ role in life is hopefully more than chasing socialites around nightclubs, and anything he says to raise awareness of mental health is welcome. Harry’s Sun-Mercury in the ninth makes a Maha Raj Yoga, while second-lord Saturn exalted in the eleventh is a wealth signature - his family is rumoured to have money – and such an influential chart can get things done.

Since 2007 the Prince has been running Rahu dasha, with Rahu strong in Taurus in the sixth house giving an interest in alternative healing, rather like his father. Rahu is channelled through its ruler Venus in the tenth showing Harry's royal duties are essentially a branch of the PR industry; which, despite Venus being fallen and flanked by Sun and Saturn he does a good job at. His mother the Princess of Wales died 20 years ago this year, when Harry was in Moon-Ketu dasha. Put simply, Moon is the mother and Ketu in the 12th suggests lost or renunciation. Natal Moon on its own in the fifth house, aspected by Saturn and Jupiter is a mixed bag, giving a challenge but also resources to meet it.

Harry said that he has had 20 years of soul searching since his mother’s death, with two years – he doesn’t say which ones – of real agony. His Saturn return was likely a trigger, but more generally Saturn’s transit of the 12th house (late 2014-17) is a time to bite the bullet and look within. The issues of the 12th house are hidden, emotional and spiritual, yet Saturn transiting this zone gives substance and solidity to whatever it touches, and counselling, yoga and healing come to the fore. We withdraw and get in touch with aspects of our nature that are sidelined at other times and realize we contain universes.

Prince Harry 15/9/1982, 16:20pm, London UK

According to his Telegraph interview, Harry said that counselling prevented him from ‘going out and punching somebody’. His natal Mars with Ketu in the 12th, is a powerful yet volatile combination (Parashara says Twelfth lord in the 12th makes one ‘irritable and spiteful’ ) , though this is potentially a frustrated Mars where anger and animus back up. A weaker Mars in the 12th might become self-destructive or self-harming, especially associating with otherworldly Ketu. Yet this is also a potent symbol for yoga and inner knowledge, which again might be a good omen for Harry’s future public role.

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