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Stars & Cars: The Crown Prince of Brunei

The Jyotish signature for wealth comes from a combination of the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th lords. The second house rules assets and accumulated money, the fifth is speculation, the ninth is pure good fortune, and the eleventh is revenue and gains in general. The lagna lord associated with any of these points is highly auspicious, and in many cases one can also add the eighth house lord for inherited wealth.

Crown Prince of Brunei. Feb 17th 1974, 11:45am, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

Brunei is a patrilineal monarchy, so despite having two elder sisters the present Crown Prince will succeed his father the Sultan and inherit his £20bn fortune. Lagna lord Mars rules his eighth house of inheritance from the second, which shows a natural connection with family wealth and really tells its own story. Mars is also aspected closely by ninth lord and wealth karaka Jupiter, which also joins fifth lord Sun in the 11th house.

Yet this could be the chart of any above-averagely fortunate heir who takes over a family business. In the Crown Prince’s case however, natural amplifiers Rahu and Ketu are placed with Moon and eleventh-lord Saturn, which raises an already powerful wealth signature to otherworldly levels. In particular, fourth lord Moon in the ninth shows good fortune from property and vehicles: the old Sultan’s estate includes a 1788-room palace and a collection of 5000 cars, including over 400 Ferraris.

So the Prince won’t be short of runabout to go shopping in. His kind of material power puts him in an equivocal position, however, and his chart’s general signature for happiness is also not good. With fourth lord Moon hit by all the malefics – Mars, Saturn and Rahu – he will have shadowy moods, with fear and anxiety, and an unconventional spirituality to say the least. Currently in Mars dasha, the chances are he will come into his legacy at some point during Rahu’s period, which is also when the responsibility will kick in. Hoping he picks his advisors carefully...

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