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Turkey 2016

Turkey had an attempted coup d’etat on 15th July 2016, when a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces attempted to seize control of strategic points inside Ankara and Istanbul. Motivation for this action seems to have been the increasingly oppressive and anti-secular government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (elected only last November), though equally forces opposed to the President accuse him of carrying out a ‘false flag’ operation. 300 people were killed and over 2000 injured in the uprising, along with mass arrests in the army and among the judiciary in its aftermath.

For the fortunes of a country, we look at its national horoscope, the chart of its leader and also annual charts, like the traditional Varshphala or annual New Moon in Pisces set for the nation’s capital. Turkey’s uprising took place just as Mars re-entered Scorpio and approached Jupiter in the national chart. Mars-Jupiter gives a religious undertow to the action, suggesting a break for freedom, and the sixth house is a country’s army. Turkey is currently in Venus-Mercury Vimshottari dasha, with both planets strong in the fifth house, a good symbol for the nation’s strength and unity in withstanding the putsch.

Turkey national horoscope: 29th October 1923, 20:30, Ankara.

Prime Minister Erdogan has natal Moon-Mars exact in Scorpio in the 12th house, with Saturn transiting almost to the degree - some Sade-Sati. He also entered his Mars dasha in May 2016, so he is living in very interesting times indeed. It has never been harder to believe what we are fed in the news today, but astrology suggests this was a behind-the-scenes plot by Erdogan’s enemies, perhaps from overseas (12th house). To say this was a manufactured ‘false-flag’ operation gives him credit for great cunning, even if Chandra-Mangala Yoga in Scorpio in the 12th is potentially this devious. Erdogan’s Mars also aspects Venus-retro Mercury conjunction, an aspect noted for a cavalier attitude to the truth.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 26/2/1954, 04:25, Istanbul, Turkey.

In the annual Varshphala chart for Turkey, Cancer rising makes Moon the chart lord, which is by definition combust. The New Moon is in the ninth house with exalted Venus. Tenth lord Mars and Saturn are in the 5th of statecraft, which again suggests either a threat to the king or an oppressive state crack-down. Uranus transiting the 5th house is also a perfect symbol of revolution. Virtually the same New Year chart, with Cancer rising, is in effect for all European countries, including the UK, which has had a tumultuous 2016.

Varshphala chart (Pisces New Moon) April 7th 2016, 13:23, Ankara.

The situation in Turkey is still volatile, with suspicion for launching the coup pointing at Fethulla Gulen, the cleric and political leader currently exiled in the USA, in collusion with everyone from the CIA on down. Erdogan is not out of the woods astrologically, either. The last pass of Saturn over his Moon-Mars is on September 1st, which also happens to see a Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees of fixed signs. On October 12th, he enters Mars-Rahu period, which will see the start of his Mars dasha proper. There have been four coups in Turkey since 1960 and things aren't calming down any time soon in this strategically pivotal country.

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