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Jose Mourinho: Three-Year Itch

Jose Mourinho never played football professionally, but always seemed destined to be a manager. He studied coaching and sports science early in his career and began his journey into management as a backroom translator for Sir Bobby Robson at Barcelona in the 1990s. A serial winner across four countries, his pragmatic tactical approach doesn’t win fans among football purists, but any good Capricorn would rather polish his trophies.

Sagittarius lagna with a stellium in Capricorn shows his mixture of charisma and pragmatism. Mercury rising shows his gift for languages – he speaks five – and his quirky press conference style. AK Mercury also rises in his Navamsa and his volatile outbursts contrast with his skill as a tactician, while also serving a deliberate agenda. He regularly picks fights with other managers and clubs, with snarling comments that are part of a calculated psychological assault. For some, he is the Portuguese Brian Clough.

Mars in Cancer in the 8th too, aspecting the second house, has an abrasive tongue. This is an emotional and psychologically astute Mars, but does not give great stamina, and lording the 12th house proves a mixed blessing. Despite his success across Europe, Mourinho is known to wear out his welcome at a club, even when results are going well. A falling out behind the scenes often ensues, along with complaints from players, whom he rides hard physically and mentally. Sixth house lord Venus sits in the 12th, and such a great competitor may need a challenge, or enemy even, to keep him motivated - even when that enemy comes from inside himself.

26/1/1963, 7:00am, Lisbon, Portugal

He won his first Champions’ League at Porto in 2004, and the following season began his first spell at Chelsea, shortly before entering Saturn dasha in 2005. Saturn, powerful in its own sign in the second house, goes to Mourinho’s reputation as a great talker and also, perhaps unfairly, as a ‘chequebook’ manager. He is not afraid to spend clubs’ money, which is at the heart of his fractious relationship with billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Their falling out lead to his first departure from the club in 2007, at the end of Saturn-Saturn dasha.

After winning a second Champions’ League with Inter Milan in Italy in 2008, Mourinho capped his personal ambitions by taking over at Real Madrid. There he eventually won the Spanish League in 2013, before patching up his differences with Roman Abramovich and returning to Chelsea, his supposed spiritual home. He conformed to type by winning the English Premier League in his second season (2014-15), though the present season so far has been very different. Currently in Saturn-Sun dasha, Mourinho has described this 2015-16 campaign as his toughest time in football.

Antardasha lord Sun is the auspicious 9th ruler, strong in the Navamsha, with a strong dispositor, however it is hit by all the malefics. This is Mourinho’s third season at Chelsea, which according to form signals the end of his patience for any one club. Transiting Saturn also in the 12th is a period of introspection and rebuilding, and he has already signalled his frustration with Chelsea's recruitment policy. He may pull things around, but despite his strong Saturn Capricorn it would be unlike him to remain in the face of adversity, or to build a dynasty in the style of Ferguson or Wenger. He may proves us all wrong, but with an even more difficult Saturn-Moon antardasha to follow by April 2016 (then Mars and then Rahu, all tough) , it is conceivable he will be gone by the end of the season.

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