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Boris Johnson: Blonde Ambition

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a name and persona straight out of PG Woodhouse: a rich, charming, absent-minded amateur, good for a laugh and never one to take life too seriously. By all accounts this carefully cultivated miracle of PR disguises the one-time London Mayor's real ambition to one day become British Prime Minister. Opinion in Britain is divided as to whether he is a freethinking splash of colour in a grey world, or a clowning self-publicist. Any discussion of his real potential, however, should be seen in the context of his formidable astrology.

Even by the standards of high-profile politicians, Boris (no surname, as he is often known) has a potent chart, with Raja Yogas involving lagnesh Mercury and Venus in Maha Parivatana repeating from Chandra lagna, while Lakshmi Yoga is enhanced by eleventh lord Moon in the second. Kalpadruma Yoga is the series of stacked dispositors between the rashi and Navamsha charts, which according to Parashara makes a man 'warlike but merciful', and very powerful. Johnson appears constantly to be plotting and maneuvering for position, and most recently has assured beleaguered British PM Theresa May that he is right behind her. Reassuring.

Impeccable Establishment credentials: schooled at Eton, President of the Oxford Union, member of the notorious Bullingdon Club, and Conservative cabinet minister; conspicuously fond of the Classics, Johnson is currently writing a milestone biography of Shakespeare, for which he has received a £500k advance. Lakshmi smiles on him. A one-nation Tory populist, he does not appear to agonize too much over political complexities but apparently wins battles by sheer force of personality. The UK European Union referendum of June 2016 was archetypal Johnson: pro-European all of his career, he switched to the sceptics' side prior to the vote in order to position himself against incumbent David Cameron. Johnson never imagined the Brexit outcome, and immediately resigned, only to be reinstalled as Foreign Secretary in Theresa May's new cabinet. This turn of events came immediately prior to leaving his Saturn dasha, in September 2016, the period that has defined his career to date.

Boris Johnson Rasi - 19th June 1964, 14:00, New York, NY.

BJ- Navamsha/D9


No amount of dumb-blonde Bertie Wooster schtick can disguise his ambition. Venus retrograde and exactly conjunct the Sun, with Rahu, in the tenth house shows a man who will stop at nothing. He came to the world’s attention during the 2012 London Olympics by doing a zipwire jump across the Olympic Park (Saturn-Rahu dasha). A charmer, maverick and in many ways archetypal cad, combust Venus has made Boris’s personal life complicated to say the least: he married his first wife in 1987, shortly after progressed Venus went direct. He has four children by his second wife, and at least two – very reluctantly – acknowledged children by two other women.

Gaja Kasari Yoga between the second and eighth houses is the hallmark of a great builder. Sure enough, Boris’s chief legacy as London Mayor is likely to be the city’s transformed skyline, with all sense of scale being abandoned to a Dubai-like series of exotically-shaped skyscrapers. Mooltrikona Saturn in the sixth house and strong in Navamsha makes him tough and competitive and a formidable enemy. Mars, a top malefic for Virgo lagna, conjunct Mercury also makes him swift to anger, foul-mouthed, and vengeful. He apparently does not like to be crossed.

Johnson has almost certainly accrued powerful enemies during Saturn's time (sixth house) - not least the husbands of his past mistresses – and there are many people who distrust him instinctively. In Europe, France for example, his private life would be virtually par for the course, but the UK has a puritanical, not to say hypocritical, streak regarding its political class. Skeletons in Boris’s closet will be exposed in the event of his running for the top job, though it is also said that people find it hard to hold a grudge against him.

Mercury dasha will bring a lighter feeling, though Boris’s period of lasting achievements and relative gravitas is likely already to have come during Saturn's period. Or it may be that he has served his time as a sixth house Saturnian foot-soldier and now steps up as a political Prince. Mercury triggers its stellar Raja Yoga with Venus, rules Boris’s 1st and 10th houses, and is exalted in D-10, so this period is unlikely to diminish his ambition. Whether he is taken seriously by the public, or the UK is now ripe for a Trump/Rahu-style maverick, it is unlikely Mercury will simply see him return to journalism, academia and the chat-show circuit. Whatever Bojo does, nobody should underestimate him.

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