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Johnny Depp: Transcendence and Jupiter in Pisces.

Johnny Depp built his movie name in a series of quirky roles that peaked in the billion-dollar Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Yet his latest outing Transcendence is his third box-office flop in a row and the former teen-idol, now aged 50, finds himself at a career crossroads. He is a beloved entertainer and more than a pretty face, but he is still searching for a truly defining movie performance.

Despite some handy placements and high earning potential, his chart lacks the powerful yogas one finds in the most enduring stars. On first glance, Jupiter in Pisces in the ninth house seems like first prize in the astrological lottery: faith, luck, God's Grace, you name it. Yet a closer look reveals Jupiter as a not unmixed blessing, also ruling for a Cancer ascendant the Sixth house of enemies, illness and debt. More pressingly, Jupiter picks up aspects from both Mars and Saturn, without any mitigating benefic glance. One malefic aspect is tough, two is punishing, and the effects of this unfriendly energy will be felt especially in Jupiter's Mahadasha, beginning in 2013. Angular Saturn in his own house and yogakaraka Mars are both strong, creating tension between relationships, money, and spirituality. Guru's placement in gentle Revati nakshatra has a lot to cope with, and the best one might say is that it will allow Johnny to rise above some difficult times.

June 9th 1963, Owensboro Kentucky, USA. 08:45am

Rahu, exalted and vargottama in Gemini, brought him material wealth and hyperfame during its mahadasha, which began in 1995. Rahu is governed by Mercury in the 11th, which picks up a Dhana Yoga of Venus and Sun. Johnny was famed as a charming maverick and cult favourite, who for years could not cross over into the mainstream. He finally got his hit playing Captain Jack Sparrow, but he has not built on his leading man status. It is said that whatever is given during Rahu's dasha is taken away at its close. This would appear to include Johnny's 14 year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, whom he broke up with in 2012. Rahu in his Navamsha seventh house brings an attraction to foreigners and outsiders, though Mars there too makes for a volatile romantic life. Shani is also strong in his Rasi seventh house, even if it brings a rather dutiful relationship atmosphere and a basically marriage-averse nature. It is typical of this placement to bring a large age difference in a relationship, and Johnny was recently engaged to actress Amber Heard, 20 years his junior. Jupiter is also debilitated in the Navamsha, further diluting its essence. What seems like his strongest planet is in many ways his weakest, and the next fifteen years of Jupiter dasha might see whimsical decisions and high hopes not borne out. Transcendence is an apt project title for a Jupiter-Jupiter period, but by all accounts the film is a muddle. It is too soon to write him off, but Johnny might do better looking for some real-life transcendence and it would be no surprise to find him embracing religion or retreating to an ashram at some point in Jupiter's jurisdiction.

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