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Prince George Alexander Louis

The future King George VII, third in line to the British throne, came into life with worldwide fanfare and a destiny on his shoulders. Family and national karma will be lived through his chart, which contains echoes of both his parents and grandparents, Charles and Diana. He was born for public life, but on the whole his chart reveals a quiet, private person.

Scorpio rises in Vishaka nakshatra, a Jupiter-ruled segment that is known for leadership and a love of sensual pleasure. Lagna ruler Mars joins Jupiter and Mercury in the eighth house of occult pursuits. The Eighth is all about transformation, financial and emotional, and these three planets in Ardra nakshatra gives an emotional kick that is not immediately obvious from the outside. That he will be rich is not in question, but 2nd and 11th house rulers associated in the 8th house implies the extent of his inherited wealth. To a large degree, his whole life revolves around when he will come into his own.

Venus in the tenth bears a lot of weight as the only angular planet. Still, it is conjunct the royal star Regulus, a perfect signature for what increasingly is a purely PR role. He will need to look good in public, to smile and shake hands in all weathers, and give people a sense of reflected royal glory. To this extent, he will be comfortable in the public eye, but Venus ruling the 12th house may bring skeletons to light. He probably will not experience his Venus mahadasha, beginning 2110, but royal discretion will need to be careful of Venus antardashas.

Long-lens cameras were the bane of royal lives even in his grandparents' time, but in the Twitter age, it is virtually impossible to maintain any old-world royal mystique. He will be seen as a three-dimensional person, warts and all. And like all heirs, attention will focus on how he spends his time before becoming King. The long-lived Windsor line ensures he will have many years to wait before his accession. 12th ruler in the 10th gives a sense of renunciation, or at least of an unclear vocation. Like Charles, he may become frustrated with life behind the scenes and not being able to comment or influence current affairs.

At best, with exalted Saturn in the 12th, he may become a great visitor of hospitals and figurehead for humanitarian causes, like his grandmother Diana. Rahu joining Saturn in the 12th lends itself to exotic spirituality and interest in clairvoyance and liberation. Like Charles again, his - possibly quite unconventional - views will be dissected and become common knowledge, whether he likes it or not. By the time he becomes King, yoga practise may be even more widespread and George would be in the forefront of this.

In a hereditary monarchy, George's main duty will be to marry and have children. Seventh lord Venus shows a glamorous, public marriage and the future royal couple may achieve iconic status. Yet Venus's rulership of the 12th also shows a private side and the suggestion of potential scandal. He would not be the first playboy heir, even if that role usually falls to the younger child in the succession. Fifth house ruler Jupiter in the 8th does not bode well for his relationship with his own children.

Saturn ruling the 4th house from the 12th suggests difficulty in his relationship with his mother, and the 4th is also aspected by the 12th ruler Venus. Friction with his father and mentor figures in general is also implied by Saturn's aspect on the 10th lord, Sun. There may be a lot of love in his relationship with William and Kate, but he will resent intrusion into his private life and parental insistence on royal protocol. Saturn is strong in the rasi and the navamsha, but his sense of duty will likely be channelled into unconventional areas.

Sun in the 9th is flanked by benefic Venus and Jupiter, strong in the Navamsha, and also aspected by the full Moon in the 3rd. George may become a strong patron or advocate of the arts, writing and education. Atma Karaka Mercury ruling its own house, with a powerful Jupiter-Mars bears this signature out. Charles, on becoming King, wishes to be known as the 'Defender of Faiths' and this Inter-faith role may be passed down the generations.

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