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Progressed Moon Cycle: A New Page

Jimmy Page has got problems with his neighbours. The legendary rock guitarist lives in the Tower House, a Grade 1 listed property in London’s Holland Park, which was conceived in all its Victorian Gothic splendour by noted architect William Burges in 1875. The house’s lavish interiors include elaborate frescoes, a library with a Tower-of-Babel inspired fireplace and a zodiac-designed table commissioned by the house’s previous owner, the actor Richard Harris. Page claims that Tower House’s structural integrity is being threatened by his neighbours’ building works, particularly fellow rocker Robbie Williams’ planned super-basement in the next door mansion.

In a chart containing powerful Raja Yogas, Page has Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius/Uttara Ashadha exactly conjunct in the 3rd house of near neighbours. Third (and sixth) lord Jupiter can be troublesome for Venus-ruled ascendants, even though Page’s own Jupiter is in mutual reception with Sun, a yoga which ordinarily brings good relations. Saturn transiting the third also brings disruption in this area, even, or especially in a salubrious Kensington enclave with property prices running into tens of millions. Saturn is also currently opposing Page’s Moon in Gemini/ Ardra in the 9th house, an emotionally stressful passage where, regardless of location, we feel a long way from home. Transit Saturn then crosses Page’s Sun-Mercury in March and June 2019, which may bring to a head his legal battle to prevent his neighbours’ expansion plans.

Jimmy Page:January 9th 2018, 4pm, London UK

Page is currently in Venus-Venus, the dasha of his ruling planet placed in the second house of capital assets in a perfect parivatana aspect with seventh and second lord Mars. Mars in Taurus stationary retrograde is as stubborn a placement as you will find, still more when placed with Saturn, and there is clearly a link in Page’s life between his assets and legacy. He has said he regards himself as the curator and custodian of the Tower House, which he is anxious to safeguard for posterity. This outlook reflects his minutely documented and endlessly repackaged musical back catalogue, which all might have something to do with his seven planets retrograde - plus the nodes.

Western secondary progressions are somewhat analogous to Dashas in charting the unfoldment of a life, even though the two systems have nothing technically in common. Progressing the natal chart one day for each year of life is a reliable symbolic method for looking at developments and cycles - even though the movement is so gradual that years may elapse seeing little major action. This technique is especially interesting in a chart like Pages's which has so many retrograde planets, as the point where a progressed planet goes direct (or retrograde) usually marks a change of life direction. Take for one example the point in mid 1986 when Page married for the first time as his progressed Saturn went direct.

Progressions are usually read in relation to the natal chart, though progressed to progressed aspects can also shed light. The progressed Moon cycle of 29 years symbolically waxes and wanes in relation to the progressed Sun. Note this is not the same as the progressed lunar return, which happens to everyone at age 27 ('The 27 Club'), but the timing depends on our natal Sun-Moon synodic relationship/ tithi. In March 2019, Jimmy Page has his third progressed New Moon, a time of psychic and emotional dissolution and renewal, which often coincides with a major life change. This progressed lunation is in his 6th house of rivals and lawsuits, which tells its own story, though like a regular New Moon, the ‘dark’ progression is often tougher than the post-conjunction ‘new’ phase. So March 2019 may bring better news.

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