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Clearing Space

Tonight’s solar eclipse at 20:46 GMT falls at 2° Aquarius/ Dhanishta and can be seen over Antarctica, southern parts of the Atlantic ocean and southern South America. Though only a partial, any solar eclipse is strong medicine, especially when it touches a planet or point in your natal chart. New Moons in general are new beginnings, though the eclipse energy draws an even clearer line under the past - the impulse is not so much to turn over a new page as to rip the old one out.

Eclipse path across southern Pacific and Atlantic

With a solar eclipse the Moon comes in front of the Sun, so the emotional, instinctive factor comes in front of our Self or Ego. This experience allows us to contact deeper feelings, but also leaves us acutely sensitive to the slightest change. People get cranky and irrational. Eclipses dramatize everything and overreaction is the order of the day. Any unconscious or redundant factor in your life may be brought to the surface, and while material things that get eclipsed often prove to be excess baggage, the adjustment can be a shock in the immediate term.

Partial solar eclipse February 15th 2018, 20:46 GMT.

Mercury this time is both chart lord and very close to the eclipse degree, which may mean our mental faculties get eclipsed too. Take it easy: the rule of thumb is to wait two or three days at least (until the Moon is visible again in the sky) before making an executive decision. Saturn, ruler of Aquarius is also aspecting the current stellium, so there may be a sense of being oppressed by boundaries and the normal-formal.

Material actions and business are inauspicious at eclipse time, but we can pick up the slack in our spiritual life. Chanting and meditation has many times its usual potency, and dissolving obstacles on the invisible level is better than chasing them out into the world. Yet keep within your capacity – eclipse time is compressed and intensified and you may be vulnerable to the sensations that arise when meditating too long: heightened emotion and a kind of morbid nostalgia that is most uncomfortable. Avoid eating for a few hours either side of the eclipse itself, and take a bath when it is over.


Dhanishta nakshatra is associated with property and luxury goods, and also drumming. Space-clearing – getting rid of clutter and junk - is a good use of the eclipse time, and some people make a ritual of this process, including the use of bells and drums to ring and beat out the stuck energy. Still, remember the eclipse wisdom: wait a couple of days before binning your entire designer wardrobe or art collection.

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